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“The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.”

— Aldous Huxley

“The great masses of the people... more easily fall victims to a big lie than a small one.”

— Adolf Hitler
Mein Kampf

To Kill A Nation:
The Attack on Yugoslavia

bookcover shows a group of women and children in a bomb shelter somewhere in Yugoslavia. The woman in the foreground is crying and wiping her eyes as she looks at the viewer. From the Michael Parenti Political Archives:

For ten years, US and NATO forces have waged a campaign to dismember Yugoslavia, including 78 days of round-the-clock aerial attacks in 1999 that killed or injured upwards of six thousand people. Drawing on a wide range of published and unpublished material (mostly Western sources) and observations gathered from his visit to Yugoslavia in 1999, Michael Parenti challenges the mainstream media demonization of Yugoslavia and the Serbs, and uncovers the real goals behind Western talk of “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “democracy.”

To Kill A Nation reveals a decade-long disinformation campaign waged by Western leaders and NATO officials in their pursuit of free-market “reforms.” The political and economic destabilization of that country continues today, Parenti shows, as does the forced privatization and Third Worldization of the entire region.

What they are saying about TO KILL A NATION: The Attack on Yugoslavia:

“Parenti has written a brilliant critique of the news reports on Yugoslavia published in the respectable press. Each chapter provides a detailed refutation of the propaganda myths that justified NATO’s war. This is by far the most compelling account in print.”

— James Petras
co-author of Empire or Republic?

“A fierce, elegantly constructed elegy not just for the lives sacrificed in the Balkan wars, but for concepts of national sovereignty and constitutionality... ...he writes with a taut cadence that exudes conviction. Extremely disturbing, but, for the brave, jolting and necessary reading.”

— Kirkus

To Kill a Nation is the best explanation of the great crime NATO committed and what it will mean for our future. It is full of insights on the role of US militarism and media disinformation in the service of corporate profits.”

— Sara Flounders
editor and co-author of NATO in the Balkans


Introduction: Whom Do We Believe?

  1. Hypocritical Humanitarianism

  2. Third Worldization

  3. Divide and Conquer

  4. Slovenia: Somewhat Out of Step

  5. Croatia: New Republic, Old Reactionaries

  6. Bosnia: New Colonies

  7. Republika Srpska: Democracy, NATO Style

  8. The Other Atrocities

  9. Demonizing the Serbs

  10. On to Kosovo

  11. The Rambouillet Ambush

  12. NATO’s War Crimes

  13. The Genocide Hype Continues

  14. Where Are All the Bodies Buried?

  15. Ethnic Cleansing, KLA-NATO Style

  16. Rational Destruction: Eliminating the Competition

  17. Multiculturalism in Yugoslavia

  18. Yugoslavia’s Future: Is It Bulgaria?

  19. Privatization as a Global Goal

  20. The Aggression Continues



About the Author

Michael Parenti

Michael Parenti received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University in 1962. He has taught at a number of colleges and universities, in the United States and abroad. His writings have been translated into Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, German, Bangla, and Dutch.

He is the author of fourteen books (see below). His articles have appeared in CovertAction Quarterly; Monthly Review; Prevailing Winds; The Humanist; New Political Science; Nature, Society and Thought; The Nation; Z Magazine; Dollars and Sense and numerous other publications.

He appears on radio and television talk shows to discuss current issues and ideas from his published works. Dr. Parenti’s talks and commentaries are played on radio stations to enthusiastic audiences in the U.S., Canada and abroad.

He lectures on college campuses and before a wide range of audiences across the country. His books are enjoyed by both lay readers and scholars, and have been used extensively in college courses.

Among the many topics he treats are:

See also:

Articles & Selections from Published Works of Dr. Parenti http://www.michaelparenti.org/articles.html

A brief, unauthorized history of politically motivated faculty firings at the University of Vermont since 1972

Professor Will Miller’s Introduction for Dr. Michael Parenti before an overflow audience on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of his firing by the UVM Trustees.

Books by Michael Parenti


“America’s foremost progressive writer and speaker, Parenti is illuminating, penetrating, and never afraid of the truth.”

— James Petras
SUNY professor and noted author

“Radical in the true sense of the word, [Parenti] digs at the roots which...sustain our public consciousness.”

Los Angeles Times Book Review

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