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America For Sale:
A Government of The Rich, by The Rich
and for The Rich

Bookcover shows a 19th century cartoon drawing of hugely fat men in top hats, symbolizing big business, standing behind tiny little men who are sitting at desks, symbolizing subservient government.  The little men's faces are replaced with photographs of various U.S. Presidents such as Carter, Bush Sr., Reagan and others. Market Elections:
How “Democracy” Serves the Rich

by Vince Copeland
World View Forum; ISBN 0-89567-134-4

From leftbooks.com:

Every four years, big money chooses the presidential candidates. Their war chests filled to the brim, they are then packaged by the media as “the people’s choice”.

It’s U.S.-style “democracy” — of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

But how do these chosen politicians win the votes of the millions as well as the millionaires?

In this fascinating tour through the history of U.S. presidential elections, Vince Copeland explains the devious art of capitalist politics. And he shows how mass movements can upset even the best-laid plans of the “king-makers.”

Who has been excluded from voting? How were electoral politics used to betray Black freedom after the Civil War? How did two Roosevelts wield reform at home to facilitate empire-building abroad? Why did no “normal” elections take place between 1960 and 1976? Market Elections takes us into smoke filled rooms and raucous conventions to tell the story.

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