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“American capitalism is predatory, and American politics are corrupt.”

— Upton Sinclair
famous American writer

Corporate Predators:
The Hunt for Mega-Profits
and the Attack on Democracy

by Robert Weissman and Russell Mokhiber. Bookcover shows a big green rattlesnake with dollar-sign designs on its scales, wrapping its coils around Planet Earth like a python.

From the Common Courage Press:

Fifty-one of the world’s biggest 100 economies are corporations — not countries.

As the most powerful institution of our time, the multinational corporation dominates not only global economics, but politics and culture as well. But the mechanisms of corporate control and the details of corporate abuses have remained largely hidden from public perception — until now.

In this compelling collection of columns, investigative journalists Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman critique corporate power from a relentlessly human perspective. While mainstream media cheerfully laud big business’s record profits, Mokhiber and Weissman ask the real questions:

Where is profit coming from? When working Americans’ incomes have dropped dramatically since 1980, while salaries of corporate CEOs have risen 500 percent in the same period, is the economy really booming?

Whose economy is this, anyway?

From union-busting to food irradiation, from lethal air bags left on the market to judges who take bribes, from the IMF to oil companies — wherever corporate crime strikes, Mokhiber and Weissman are there, covering an amazing range of issues, to sound the alarm and call people to action.

“If major corporations don’t like a law, they can invest millions in campaign contributions, lobbyists, and political advertisements. If those efforts don’t result in a change in the law, the corporations can just ignore it...”

— Mokhiber and Weissman
on the Citicorp-Travelers Group merger

About the Authors

Russell Mokhiber is editor of Corporate Crime Reporter, a legal weekly based in Washington, DC.

He is also author of Corporate Crime and Violence and the co-author of The Raw Power of Corporate America

Robert Weissman is editor of the Washington DC-based Multinational Monitor, the leading source of critical reporting on corporate power. He is also co-director of Essential Action, a Corporate accountability group.

He is the co-author of The Raw Power of Corporate America

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