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Featured Correspondence

(Note: As with all correspondence in this section, the letters below are exactly as they were received. Only the last name and the email domain of the writer have been withheld. Enjoy!)

From: Ryan T. <snuffaluffagous@-----.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 16:03:12 -0800
Subject: haha

haha, why would anyone care? so what if we are. we are stong, they are week its their fualt. the us gets terrrorized and we give the finger back while other contries cower in fear. why do you thing we are a super power fuck-tard. and why would anyone fucking care what you say. you use a free email for gods sake! get a real email not one you can delete and move on once everyone spams you about how fucking stupid you are. and what if there were 2 people were fighting and you helped one, the other one would give you money, and you would be more reconized. you'd do it. dont fucking lie. also you talk about shit like us massicuring the native americans. you wanna know why? they had all the land and animals. they didnt want to share. we said fuck you and took it. in diffrent wars you complaine we killed innocent people, havent you ever fucking takin a history class? look what happened to rome. they left the civilians alive in the contries they took over and they rebelled, who wants a fucking rebellion. god your stupidity amazies me, what grade are you in 3rd? shit if you think we are terrorists move away, id like to see your dumbass live in a 3rd world contry, id laugh when you died of some fucked up deases. I'd right more about how fucking stupid you are but im to lazy, and to busy trying to get a girlfriend, somthing you've probley never had.

god i hate stupid people,
-Bus Driver

Ps plus how the fuck do you think you get more land for you contry to grow, or become more powerfull, you kill the people who own the shit to get money and you take it over. its been like this for a million years. what are you doing when you kill bugs? your killing them, taking their land, and making it yours, god i hate stupid people.

*     *     *

(laughing face Is this guy priceless, or what?)

Ryan, you're a true American if there ever was one! And a relatively honest one, too. You openly and honestly express the true character of American patriots, something which they usually take great pains to cover up.

Have you considered joining the United States Army or Marines? They thrive on guys like you.

*     *     *

From: Ryan T. <snuffaluffagous@-----.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 20:32:02 -0800
Subject: RE: haha

Me? joining the armed services!!! hahaha i wouldnt risk my life for this contry, i wouldnt risk my life to save ANYONE, my life is more valuable than that. id rather live. im just saying thats how the world works....whatever


*     *     *

Well I agree that a big part of the world works that way, and has for thousands of years. And I find your letters interesting because they are such an unusually open expression of exactly how the minds of our corporate, government and military leaders actually work.

But they wouldn't dare admit it publicly, so that's why I made my website. They always hide their bloody fangs behind some pious, patriotic mask while they butcher women and helpless children in unfortunate countries around the world.

So the whole point of my website is simply to inform people (who don't already know) that our "leaders" are actually vicious animals hiding behind their pious public masks.


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A Letter to Friendly Correspondents

Many heartfelt thanks to all the decent people who have sent (or would like to send) intelligent, encouraging emails. Ironically, because of so much positive email I’ve had to remove the email address from this site! Every one of the friendly emails deserves a thoughtful and timely response. Therefore, since this site is the work of one person I found myself chained to the task, enjoyable though it was, spending so many hours on the correspondence that I didn’t have enough time for anything else. I really appreciated hearing from such sweet people though. Maybe sometime in the future I can put the email link back temporarily whenever I happen to have time to make adequate replies.

I even enjoyed the hostile and outright nasty emails since they were all so entertainingly absurd. I relished taking their indefensible arguments apart, point by point, and posting them on the letters pages. It’s child’s play to counter the feeble, confused and ignorant assertions of pro-government American patriots. If their lives depended on their lame arguments, their tearful spouses would now be laboring to pay the bills for their overpriced funerals.

Best of all, the nasty letter writers have actually helped to do my work for me, God bless ’em. It serves the purpose of this site very well to display to the world the self-serving ignorance and psychopathology of those who try to defend American state terrorism.

I certainly expected such fools to spew their patriotic venom, so it was quite a surprise to find the overwhelming majority of email to this site becoming very friendly and supportive after September 11, 2001.

In the year before 9-11 there had been a slight majority of hostile email, but that was only because of an email bombing attack in March 2001. I discovered later that it was instigated by a website with the retarded name of “Ernie’s House of Whoopass”. Such people are typical of the brainwashed cretins who defend American state terrorism. Not exactly the kind of people you can take seriously — unless you encounter them in a dark alley somewhere. So if we discount that one email bombing as an anomaly, then the majority of email to this site was favorable even prior to 9-11.

After 9-11, however, with all that patriotic propaganda flooding the corporate media like raw sewage after a heavy storm, I braced for a massive, screaming onslaught of psychotic hate mail from fellow Americans. It never materialized.

Instead, there were only a few peeps from a few creeps, and the great majority of correspondents were decent, intelligent and informed. Their friendly emails vastly outnumbered the hostile ones in a ratio of something like 15 or 20 to 1. Of course many of the most supportive and intelligent emails came from people all over the world, outside America.

Compared to Americans, a higher percentage of people outside the U.S. who looked at this site went on to write an intelligent email to it. With Americans, there was a lower ratio of intelligent, decent emails to hits. The vast majority of hits to this site have always come from within the U.S., but a much smaller percentage of Americans went on to send any type of email, positive or negative. And of course almost all of the retarded, vicious, violent and obscene email came from within the U.S. or from Americans overseas. They don’t like anyone criticizing their precious genocidal country. Thank God it’s not my country anymore, although I still live here, unfortunately.

This American reaction, or lack thereof, corroborates my personal observations and experience regarding the general nature of American society: the vast majority of people here are corrupt, apathetic or even violently evil. And I’m by no means alone in that assessment. All honest people in America will agree.

“The American people, taking one with another, constitute the most timorous, sniveling, poltroonish, ignominious mob of serfs and goosesteppers ever gathered under one flag in Christendom since the end of the Middle Ages.”

— H. L. Mencken

H. L. Mencken was the most well-known and respected newspaper columnist of his day. He was writing about Americans of the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s and early ’50s. These degraded people were the great-grandparents, grandparents and parents of today’s timorous, sniveling, poltroonish, ignominious mob of serfs and goosesteppers. And if he were alive today, the great H. L. Mencken would be rejected by the whoring newspaper editors of every city in the land. If by some other means he could reach a large enough audience, he’d be harassed, bankrupted and possibly arrested as a “terrorist”. His statement above has only become vastly more true with time.

History shows that a significant percentage of Americans have always been stupid and evil enough to fully and knowingly support American state terrorism. And to this day the vast majority of Americans are too degraded and apathetic to care about anything but the petty, selfish concerns of their narrow little lives. They actually don’t care if their tax money pays for the slaughter of children all over the world. If they honestly cared they would never pay one red cent of tax money to the criminal federal government.

Americans know perfectly well that America is the world’s greatest bully, and they secretly enjoy that fact. Often not so secretly. Most Americans have a subhuman level of morality. Their anaesthetized, hard hearts are so cold, turned off, shut down and indifferent to everything that matters that it doesn’t even bother them if anybody criticizes America for its state terrorism. They just roll their eyes and yawn and shrug it off. They don’t care about anything at all except money and booze and dope and sexy new cars and material possessions and who’s fucking who in Hollywood-Washington D.C. and who they’re going to fuck over next. The brutal rape of whole nations is just more titillating entertainment for them, just as it’s portrayed on T.V., so they can’t be expected to care about a few thousand murdered children here and there.

Subhuman Americans aren’t bothered by the bloody reality of American state terrorism because they see blood and gore all the time in movies, computer games and on T.V. And it’s no accident, no mere caprice of genetic misfortune that Americans are so degraded. They see all the cruelty and suffering their military-government is inflicting on the world as just another T.V. show, because the literally satanic plutocracy which rules this evil nation has been very consciously using the schools, the corrupt medical establishment and the corporate mass media for many decades to dumb-down and degrade the American sheeple.

America’s rulers feel so secure in their control over the feeble, corrupted minds of most Americans that they’re not worried about a few people speaking the truth to relatively small audiences. In fact they’ve always exploited that too, pointing to such limited free speech when selling the Hollywood fantasy to both America and the world that America is a “free” and “democratic” society.

That being the case, it’s not too surprising that the Homeland Security Gestapo hasn’t kicked in my door and dragged me off to a concentration camp. Yet. We face two choices for the future in America: total Revolution or total Fascist tyranny. There isn’t going to be any middle ground in the long run.

Another reason the criminal U.S. government hasn’t needed to resort to strong-arm tactics to keep most Americans under control, historically, is that so many ordinary, sleazy Americans have always been ready and willing to do its dirty work for it. The treatment of this site is a minor example. With no direct government pressure or interference at all, that I’m aware of, this site has been rejected or deleted by several private ISPs which are too corrupt to support criticism of American state terrorism. The first time was on Sept. 14, 2001, during the post-911 media hysteria, when the ISP owner summarily deleted the original site. Shortly thereafter he cancelled the internet account altogether.

He’d received “several email complaints” about the site, he said, and suddenly, he discovered that he found this site “offensive” — after having had it on his server for one year and four months, since May 2000, and being fully aware of it. No doubt the email complaints were considerably magnified in his fickle mind after it spent a little too much time in a state of hypnosis in front of the boob tube.

I politely informed him that he was suppressing online free speech, to which the indignant ISP owner replied seethingly: “If you want free speech you can go down to a street corner and shout.”

What a patriot.

Earlier he had admitted that some of the books in this site’s bibliography were his favorites. And yet his independence of mind and will were totally swept away by the tidal wave of frothing propaganda after 9-11, as happened to so many other people. Even people who previously had some semblance of a political and social conscience.

*               *               *

In the days, weeks and months immediately after 9-11, millions of people all over the world were seriously searching for answers as to what really happened and why it happened. They were intelligent enough to know that the corporate media circus was obviously trying to manipulate their minds. U.S. government war-criminals, their corporate media whores and other professional liars were doing what they’re all paid to do. So people all over the world could find the answers they were looking for only on websites around the world, including this simple little homemade site. The Yahoo! directory and honest search engines like Google and others kept mirrors of this site listed, while FreeSpeech.org and Geocities kept the mirrors online. FreeSpeech.org even granted this site a scholarship, continuing to host it for free along with a few others, even as they were having to cut back on the free hosting for most sites.

(Note: As of this writing Geocities still has free hosting too, but they discontinued FTP access for all free sites on April 1, 2002. Alas, it was no April Fool’s joke. Their built-in, browser-based FTP for free sites is so awful it’s not worth having a free site there if you need to use FTP a lot. It will only upload one page at a time, and even then it puts a bit of superfluous coded junk at the bottom of the page which you have to tediously trim off in their page editor, one page at a time. I think this inconvenience has to be intentional, to discourage people from having free sites there. Due to economic pressures they probably can’t afford to host a lot of free sites anymore, just as with FreeSpeech.org.)

So ever since that post-911 time it’s been very heartening to see how many people, even in America, are not sniveling poltroons. They’re a small percentage, of course, but that still means a lot of people. People who are too intelligent and honest to submit their minds to the deceptive cartoon-reality sold by the corporate media — a complex of simple-minded and endlessly-repeated lies, omissions and subtle deceptions which is perennially flashed into hypnotized viewers’ programmed little minds by the chanting boob-tube “news”.

“...the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious.

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly... it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

— Joseph Goebbels
Nazi Propaganda Minister

Imagine Goebbels & Co. getting total control of American television, movies, all major magazines, newspapers and almost all radio, and you have an accurate picture of the Zionazi plutocracy which rules America today.

But while the Zionazis totally control the American mass-media, they don’t yet rule all Americans. People around the world have always been far more informed about American state terrorism than most Americans are, but since 9-11 even a lot of conventional Americans have begun to wake up to the utter corruption and creeping fascism of our military-government. And this awakening is steadily growing in numbers.

Lest anyone get their hopes up, however, only to see them dashed on the rocks again, it’s wise to remember the old saying: “A people get the government they deserve.”

Americans have always proven that little axiom to be quite true, and they’re proving it to this day. Most Americans are still too corrupt and apathetic to actually do anything effective to stop the U.S. military from butchering innocent children around the world. Such as not paying tax money to the babykillers.

So I really don’t think there’s any hope for America and most Americans. American society is doomed by its own genocidal evil. But I’m sure there’s hope for the world in general. And one of the most hopeful things is the Internet. It is due only to the Internet that so many tens of millions of people around the world are so well informed. The Internet is the primary antidote to the perennial lies and coverups of the corporate mass-media and the brainwashing effect of every country’s “education” system.

“How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it.”

— Alexandre Dumas

The Internet also lets everybody know that there are tens of millions of decent and intelligent people out there, all over the world. In such a cruel and horribly suffering world as this, the millions of good, caring people are all the more beautiful, by contrast. They give me some faith in the human race after all. Most of the people in the world are not fooled by American propaganda, even though it’s the most professionally-crafted, seductive propaganda on the planet. Intelligent, honest people everywhere are well aware that the United States military-government is the greatest, most bloodthirsty band of terrorists on Earth.

Knowing this, however, it becomes our moral duty to bring the genocidal Beast down — through a real Revolution based on massive, non-violent non-cooperation. We in America have an absolute duty to the world to overthrow our evil plutocracy and military-government and replace it with something human that won’t commit genocide and state terrorism around the world anymore.

We also owe it to the peoples of Iraq, Vietnam, Palestine, Afghanistan, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, The Philippines, Iran, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Chile and all South America, Haiti, Cuba, Libya, sub-Saharan Africa, Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Greece and many other nations, to make some sort of major amends for the massive suffering and political-economic subversion our government and military have inflicted upon them for so many years.

For their part, people around the world must likewise overthrow the parasitical plutocracies which control their societies and governments. This is particularly important where these venal governments are perennial whores of America — such as the lapdog governments of Britain, Australia and Canada. Millions of Australian, Canadian and British people are decent human beings, of course, and they are always the first to announce that their governments are the scum of the earth.

As long as the criminal American Empire exists it is essential for people of conscience around the world to continue their economic boycott of America and Israel — the true axis of evil. (For those who don’t already know, the State of Israel is America’s unofficial 51st state.) The boycott must be of all American and Israeli products, and it must grow until it is total. And if nations around the world continue to strengthen their regional alliances they will certainly defeat this world’s greatest, most genocidal axis of evil.

May the world’s good people continue all the way to total world liberation!

*               *               *

In the meantime, as the world burns and the American Empire steadily rots from its own evil, militaristic American patriots are here invited to fire all deadly “cruise missives” at the illegitimate, semi-literate, lying hypocrite, war-criminal, cocaine-snorting, election-stealing son-of-a-Bush: Unpresident@whitehouse.gov

Don’t worry about “collateral damage” on innocent civilian people — there are no genuine human beings of any kind at the White House, the State Dept, the CIA, the FBI or the Pentagon.

Human being: a person with at least an embryonic level of morality.
For example, a genuine human being would never commit or support inhuman acts such as mass-murder, rape, slavery and torture.

[Blue Ribbon Campaign icon]
Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

“If you want free speech you can go down to a street corner and shout.”

— Jim Olson
owner of Humboldt Internet
September 26, 2001

On September 14, 2001, three days after the WTC attack, the owner of the humboldt1.com ISP summarily deleted the original American Terrorism website. When informed that he was suppressing online free speech, he offered the helpful advice above.

Launched: May, 2000  —  Torpedoed: September 14, 2001   R.I.P.

To spare my vocal chords I offer this remaining mirror site:


http://www.AmericanStateTerrorism.com/ (Germany)
AWOL: October 24, 2003 – no response to email inquiries

http://americanterrorism.afedwards.com/ (U.K.)
Missing In Action: May 27, 2002
entire afedwards.com site vanished, email inquiries bounced back

Efficient FTP access terminated for all free sites: April 1, 2002

Axed by Angelfire.com: December 13, 2001 (see note below)

Torpedoed by Tripod.com: October 18, 2001 (see note below)

“Lycos [Tripod and Angelfire]... reserves the right to terminate any user's access to the Lycos Network...for any reason or for no reason at all, in Lycos' sole discretion, without prior notice, or any notice.”

...or without any discretion, or, after September 11, 2001, for a hypocrite, patriot-idiot, police-state censorship reason.

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