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“All that is necessary for the forces of evil to prevail in the world is for enough good men [and women] to do nothing.”

— Edmund Burke
British statesman


This site is dedicated to the murdered
civilian men, women and children
of Iraq, Vietnam, Palestine, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, China, Thailand, Lebanon, Libya, Bosnia, Russia, France, Germany, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Cuba, Colombia, Panama, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua – and the United States of America.

Millions of people,
our fellow human beings,
brutally murdered
by the U.S. military-government.

Burn the evil American flag - symbol of American state terrorism.

This site is one private individual’s effort to support the work of tens of millions of good men and women around the globe who would rather die than do nothing while “the forces of evil prevail in the world.”

In gratitude to the courageous people who have worked for years to inform their fellow human beings about the monstrously evil American Empire, I’ve created this site to:

  1. Help expose the genocidal state terrorism of the United States military and government.

  2. Help expose and counter the insidious, criminal deceit of the corporate “news” media which knowingly cover up America’s brutal war crimes.

I don’t consider myself an American anymore. Americans are people who believe it’s okay to commit murder, rape, torture, terrorism and genocide — as long as these crimes are committed by the U.S. military-government. Americans are also people who pretend not to approve of such things — yet they look the other way and remain apathetically silent while their evil military and government commit these bloody crimes against humanity all over the world. And of that small percentage of Americans who actually speak out, almost all of them still pay taxes to the genocidal government, thereby funding its war crimes.

Gee thanks, whoring taxpayers! The babykillers couldn’t do it without you!

“American” is a dirty word. A name of shame.

Of course there are also a very few people with genuine consciences who still call themselves Americans, but they really would be better off just calling themselves humans. Forget the national label. Let evil people call themselves Americans as they goose-step down the street for The Homeland. Patriotism is primitive tribalism. Nationalism is nothing more than collective egocentricity. America, as a nation, stands overwhelmingly for evil. History proves it, and the events of today scream it from the rooftops.

The massive anti-war demonstrations are not necessarily a hopeful sign. Of course it’s wonderful to see hundreds of thousands of informed people in America marching in the streets to voice their opposition to the satanic ruling order. And those demonstrators represent millions more who condemn U.S. military war crimes against humanity in Iraq. But it’s all an exercise in futility unless they stop paying tax money to the babykillers.

“Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes.”

— General Alexander Haig
former Secretary of State
June 12, 1982

When people march in demonstrations against American war crimes, and yet they are the very taxpayers who make those war crimes possible, that is a repugnant hypocrisy. Their demonstrations are empty, worthless shows. Just a cover for their guilty consciences. They know in their guts that Americans have hell to pay for America’s genocidal evil, and yet they don’t really want to do anything effective to stop it.

But if all the sleepwalking people in America were to actually come alive and overthrow the bestial military-government and the parasitical plutocracy which pulls its strings, there might possibly be a bearable future for this country. At least then there would be a little less shame in being called an “American”.

And if, after overthrowing our criminal fascist government and replacing it with something democratic, the people in America were to make massive reparations to the hundreds of millions of people around the world America has savaged, we could then be justified in feeling a tiny bit of respect for our reborn country.

It’ll never happen, of course, and I’ll never have a country. I won’t be labeled with the same nationality as the Neanderthal psychopaths who support America’s terrorist military. I consider myself a citizen of the world only. Morally, most Americans are subhuman, pretending they have moral values while they ignore America’s horrific crimes against humanity. The world screams in pain and they are deaf, indifferent to everything but their own selfish, material comfort.

These twisted Ugly Americans come in all shapes, sizes and colors — from bourgeois liberals to fascist conservatives, from Democrapublicans to pro-war Greens, from White supremacists and Zionist Jewish supremacists to Black racist hypocrites, Hispanic racists, Asian racists and American Indian racist hypocrites; from patriarchal woman-haters to matriarchal man-haters; from flag-waving “Christian” bozos and violent redneck boozers to masculine “feminists” and female-chauvinist “Goddess” worshipers drunk on sexual narcissism; from every sort of religious fake and New Age flake to all the other inmates of The Animal Farm — and if these charlatans were genuine human beings they would not ignore America’s genocidal sadism or make their lame excuses for it.

That will offend most Americans, but truth is always offensive to those who live a lie. And American society is one big barking, hooting Zoo of permanently adolescent frauds.

If all these silly, self-worshiping Americans were honestly decent human beings they would never pay one red cent of tax money to the babykilling military-government. Even if it meant they had to dump their money-grubbing careers and purify their lifestyles.

I was born and raised in America and I’ve lived in this goddamned soulless nation of venal whores all my life. But it took the American state terrorism of helpless, innocent children and civilian people all over Yugoslavia to finally open my eyes — once and for all time — to just how viciously evil this nation truly is.

I should have seen it years earlier. I should have seen it when the horrifying, heartbreaking details of U.S. Army atrocities against women and children in My Lai were revealed to the world — and then forgotten, ignored or even applauded by millions of evil Americans. I should have seen it when the literally satanic torture-rape-murders of women and children by the CIA-controlled death-squads of Central America were revealed to the world. I should have seen it when the U.S. military’s sadistic slaughter of 200,000 Iraqi civilian men, women and children in 1991 was revealed to the world. And all of it ignored or applauded by most Americans.

I could plead in my defense that only through a timely first Internet connection was I informed of what was actually happening in Yugoslavia in 1999. Before then I had no Internet access and was fooled by the lies and coverups of the corporate mass-media and the schools. Indeed, one can explain a great deal of the ignorance, apathy and immorality of conventional Americans by the mind-controlling effect of the schools and the corporate mass-media. But while it explains, it does not excuse.

There is no excuse for intelligent adults failing to see this country for what it is. There is no excuse for ignorance in this information-saturated world.

The truth about American state terrorism has always been available, even within America, in many books, in the speeches of courageous people, in honest alternative newspapers — even, sporadically, in a few mainstream newspapers. Way back at the turn of the 20th century some mainstream newspapers actually printed honest reports of the racist U.S. military’s genocide of 200,000+ men, women and children in the Philippines from 1899 to 1902. But the reports fell mostly on deaf ears, because most Americans didn’t have enough humanity within themselves to care. And to this day, most Americans are still too subhuman to care.

In spite of the degraded apathy of most Americans, however, there has always been a small percentage who are decent human beings, and the information about American state terrorism has always been available in their writings, talks and public speeches.

In the nineteenth century there were courageous abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, John Brown, Sojourner Truth and many others, and great writers like Henry David Thoreau, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois. Thoreau spent a night in jail for refusing to pay taxes to fund the atrocities of the Mexican-American War. His classic book, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience, resulted from such experiences, and it has inspired millions of people all over the world for over 150 years.

In the twentieth century Mark Twain and the Anti-Imperialist League were outspoken critics of genocidal American imperialism, as were Eugene Victor Debs, Upton Sinclair, Jeannette Rankin, Helen Keller, Gen. Smedley Butler (USMC Ret.), I. F. Stone, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Sen. Wayne Morse, William Shirer, Jane Fonda, Judi Bari, Ace R. Hayes, Philip Berrigan, Edward W. Said and many others. In 1952 the famous journalist I. F. Stone wrote a book about the Korean Genocide: The Hidden History of the Korean War, 1950-1951: A Nonconformist History of Our Times. After the publication of that book the massive Korean Genocide should not have remained hidden history. And yet it did.

Today there are steadily growing numbers of decent and courageous people in America condemning American state terrorism and imperialism. Some of the most well-known include William Blum, Michael Parenti, Ramsey Clark, Gore Vidal, Ralph McGehee, Carol A. Valentine, David Irving, Phillip Agee, Daniel Berrigan, Noam Chomsky, Edward S. Herman, Howard Zinn, Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair, Robert Parry, Mike Ruppert, John Stockwell, Stan Goff, Mumia Abu-Jamal, S. Brian Willson, Doug Valentine, Michael Rivero, Jeff Rense, Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Rep. Ron Paul, John Kaminski — and interestingly, pretty much all socialists of every faction — as well as many, many others. All of them, famous people and private citizens, have always tried to awaken the mentally-sleeping, brainwashed masses of flag-waving American lemmings.

So ignorance and apathy are inexcusable, even in corporate-media brainwashed America. Those who wallow in apathy and self-serving ignorance do so quite willingly. They are personally corrupt, and they cannot blame it on anyone else. The American corporate plutocracy, its corporate mass-media and its puppets in the U.S. military-government can never force anyone to be morally corrupt. They simply encourage and exploit the corruption that is already there.

We who are adults are 100% responsible for our own moral condition, no matter what happened in our childhoods. But while people are children it is their parents and all other adults who have the responsibility to set a genuine moral example for them — not the fake morality foisted upon most children in America. Tragically, without realizing what they’re doing, most American parents support the evil establishment’s corruption of their children. The moral and mental degradation of children is supported by irresponsible parents who allow them to be hypnotized by the boob-tube T.V. and all the mind-programming mass-media, and who send them off to conventional schools to be brainwashed by The State.

“[The] assumption that it is the aim of the [American] public school to fan the intelligence and to produce large numbers of alert and curious youths of both sexes is foolish. The state maintains its control of elementary education, not primarily to reduce illiteracy and turn the eyes of the plain people toward the stars, but to make sure that they are not taught anything that is subversive.

“Public education is thus a police measure. The goal it moves toward is perfect standardization, perfect discipline, perfect imbecility.”

— H. L. Mencken
Baltimore Sun
February 23, 1924

Mind-control of children in America

Looking back, I’m amazed at the extent to which I was politically brainwashed for years by mind-numbing American “schools” and the corporate-controlled mass-media.

Like all other kids I knew, I always gaped at the T.V. in the morning before school. Narcotized by chemical-saturated, sugar-coated children’s breakfast cereals, I sat there in a hypnotized stupor before the flickering boob-tube, my young mind molded by all the politically-censored, commercial-saturated children’s mind-programming. At least walking to school provided a little grounding in reality. But entering the classroom was entering a realm of unreality once again: a stuffy, stilted, straight-jacketed unreality. All the kids were required to obediently recite the lie-filled “Pledge of Allegiance” before the ugly American flag to start the dreary day, after which we labored to memorize a thoroughly uninspired mass of soporific, State-approved data until 3:00.

There ought to be a word for what American schools do to kids’ minds. How about “menticide”...

menticide \'ment-i-cide\ n. [fr. L mentis mind + caedere to kill]  1: the process of murdering every last vestige of creative, analytical and spiritual thinking within a vulnerable young mind through a prolonged and mandatory program of official coercion to engage in essentially mindless memorization of materialistic, irrelevant, unrelated and very often untruthful data  2: the predominant effect of the American school system

We were encouraged not to think, but merely to memorize. We were pressured to submit unquestioningly to the materialist-capitalist worldview and absorb so-called “facts” which were not facts at all, but outright lies and political propaganda.

There is no place for independent, free-thinking individuals within the American school system. From the first grade all the way through university post-graduate work, American schools reward you for mental obedience, above all else. Intellectual conformity is valued above real intelligence. Intelligence is rewarded only if it is applied within approved boundaries. For those with independent, creative minds, school curriculum is a mental coffin.

“How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it.”

— Alexandre Dumas

All those impressionable, critically important years of children’s lives — wasted in school. Innocent souls are mutated into apathetic, immoral citizens in an assembly-line of mass-produced minds. Day after day, year after year they are steadily conformed to an evil, decaying system. Children are trained to become obedient taxpayers, flag-saluting sheep, so their corporate and government rulers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, can feed upon their labor. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, indeed.

“You must adjust... This is the legend imprinted in every schoolbook, the invisible message on every blackboard. Our schools have become vast factories for the manufacture of robots.”

— Robert Lindner

“My schooling did me a great deal of harm and no good whatever; it was simply dragging a child’s soul through the dirt.”

— George Bernard Shaw

“And what is a good citizen? Simply one who never says, does or thinks anything that is unusual. Schools are maintained in order to bring this uniformity up to the highest possible point. A school is a hopper into which children are heaved while they are still young and tender; therein they are pressed into certain standard shapes and covered from head to heels with official rubber-stamps.”

— H. L. Mencken

A bell began the school day, a bell told you when you could escape for recess, a bell told you to come back from recess, a bell told you when you could eat lunch, a bell told you to come back from lunch. When the final blasted bell rang it was always a magic moment. All the little robots were permitted to come alive again and flee into the waiting arms of Life Outside.

But whatever other “extracurricular” activities there might be, upon returning home our impressionable minds were further programmed by hours of tacky televised twaddle until it was time to go to sleep.

The mass-hypnosis of adult America

Were we ever really awake? I sometimes wonder. But the process of “growing up” in America is actually one of ever-deepening sleep. Younger children are very much alive and awake in every culture, even ours. But for the vast majority of people in America, the older we get the more inanimate, unnatural, insincere and unspontaneous we become. A gradual death known as “socialization” poisons childhood and mutates adolescence, until at last we are quite stiff with the fearful, brittle, ill-humored, self-important, immature American egocentrism of so-called “adulthood”.

Of course this must be true, to varying degrees, of all industrialized societies on Earth. Perhaps the biggest difference is simply that no other society on Earth possesses the military-economic power to force its selfish, pathological, mercenary will upon everybody else. America does have that power and persistently, horrifically abuses it.

We who live here have an inherent responsibility to do something about it — if we ever get a clue.

But if we live in cities we are totally immersed in a grossly unnatural world created by the pathological group-mind of American society. A toxic world that assaults our ears continuously with the thunder of traffic and random mechanical noise and screaming sirens; that continuously assaults our noses and lungs with unnatural, chemical fumes; a hard, petrochemical world of asphalt, concrete and hard feelings, of billboard blather and sharp right angles and mercenary sexual images. And all the while, the shallow, narrow-minded, pre-fabricated concepts of corporate-dominated, imitation-human, Mainstream America jabber at us from every radio and flash from every T.V. into our stupefied faces.

If we live in the country, or typical small-town America, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by the real world of Nature, at least. Unfortunately we’re also surrounded by a homogenous collection of willfully ignorant sheeple who go to the same type of state-controlled school and gape at the same T.V. mind-programming as city people do.

No matter where we live, when we are all programmed from childhood with the same cultural myths and political propaganda year after year, we are all going to tend to think alike. Far more so than we realize. We’ll see our differences, of course, but when there is little or nothing to contrast with our mental similarities we probably won’t notice them. Most people’s minds exist within a group-mind like fish swim within the sea, and they’re very unconscious of it. They’re dominated by all kinds of psychological tides and social currents, usually unaware that such domination even exists.

If we want to know more about the group-mind which dominates our lives, we need only examine the basic nature common to all the people within it. We need only take a good, honest look at ourselves. Since a group-mind is a collection of individual minds, it will therefore possess the primal tendencies and qualities of its component parts.

Most people’s minds are confined, to varying degrees, inside what could be called a subjective “bubble-reality”. A perfect symbol of this is one of those old-fashioned diver’s suits with the glass sphere, like a bubble, around the diver’s head. The glass sphere symbolizes our mental subjectivity, and the thick diver’s suit our emotional armoring.

What we think of as “objective reality” is often merely our own thoughts, feelings, programming and prejudices — all reflected back to us on the inside surface of our subjective bubble.

Our subjective bubble-realities are not only mental mirrors, they also act as filters, just as a window filters light. Very few people’s mental windows are clear and transparent, however! For the vast majority of us they are more like stained-glass windows, cluttered with both our own reflection and the built-in images created by years of experiences and memories. All of this interferes with the outside view and prevents us from seeing things clearly.

This is why little children are so smart and adults so stupid, as Alexandre Dumas pointed out. Little children haven’t lived long enough to clutter their fresh, open minds with memories and programmed prejudices. Precisely because they don’t understand things intellectually, they understand things emotionally very well indeed. Free of conceptual cages, they feel and see much more clearly than most adults. Their speech and behavior express the intelligence of honesty and directness. Emotionally and psychically, little children are decidedly more intelligent.

Alas, for us adults all sensory impressions of objective reality pass through, and are altered by, our cluttered subjective filters. And most people routinely mistake these subjectively filtered impressions for objective reality.

All of us, to one degree or another, are liable to the delusions of subjectivity. And when we’re immersed in a society where most people have a subjective programming similar to our own, those delusions are powerfully reinforced.

In America, the collective expression of this subjectivity is a mass-media-reinforced, socio-political mass-hypnosis. If you’ve ever stood apart and watched people who are watching a T.V. show that interests them, you can see that they are immersed in a waking dream. They are essentially in a very receptive state of hypnosis.

The light flickers in their faces as they stare at the screen, their eyes riveted to it. Their bodies freeze too when something particularly interesting comes on. Usually they look rather stoned, but sometimes their facial expressions will change on cue with a change in background music or voices or imagery. They have become mental and emotional puppets, and the T.V. is pulling their strings.

“It’s been demonstrated that well within two minutes of watching television, most people enter a hypnotic alpha state bordering on theta. Viewers in this state are no longer able to critically evaluate, discern, or pass judgement from their own moral database on the material being viewed. The information just flows, unimpeded, into their subconscious, year in and year out.”

— Jeff Rense
talk-radio host

Adults can look very childish or even infantile as they watch T.V. Get a hundred million of these “adults” to share the same infantile state of hypnosis, year after year, and you have: The United States of America.

And as long as we remain within this mass-hypnosis it will never occur to us that the whole mainstream mindset in which we are immersed is not the natural product of some random, haphazard, societal evolution.

How many people would stop their hamster-wheels long enough to consider the implications of the fact that the whole propaganda-saturated system is created for them — not by them? Who among the bleating flock would dare to consider that very little of their thinking is their own?

A moment’s rational reflection will reveal to any intelligent, experienced and intellectually-honest person that the ultra-wealthy corporate owners of America are the ultimate authors of the mainstream mindset. The hopes and expectations of the mass of people are the raw clay they have to start with, but over the course of two centuries the rulers have fairly successfully shaped the mainstream mind of America to serve their own evil purposes.

They can’t afford to be haphazard about anything, particularly in today’s volatile world. They control a global empire worth many trillions of dollars. That’s a whole lotta cash, and they aren’t going to tolerate anything that threatens their wealth and power. That kind of money buys judges and governors and Senators and Supreme Courts and Presidents by the garbage-barge load. That kind of money buys multi-billion-dollar weapons systems that hold the entire planet hostage to the American corporate capitalist system of economic slavery. And it buys every mainstream newspaper, magazine, movie studio, radio station and T.V. network in the land to chant to you, night and day, of what a grand and glorious “freedom” we enjoy in our servitude.

Down is up, wrong is right, bad is good, coldness is hot, slavery is freedom, lies are truth, the truth is false, patriotic lemmings are “rugged, independent individuals”, and America, the greatest terrorist nation on Earth, “fights terrorism”. This is the message of the American plutocracy, brought to you by their corporate mass-media.

Coke – it’s the r-e-a-l thing. Have a can of dumb-down today!

As President Calvin Coolidge once admitted: “The business of America is business.” And I do believe the bastards mean business.

Mass-media brainwashing

cartoon reptile standing in front of an American flag, looking stupidly naive as it gives an approving thumbs up sign

“...the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious.

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly — it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

— Joseph Goebbels
Nazi Propaganda Minister

A powerful segment of corporate America bankrolled the Nazis’ rise to power in Germany in the 1920s and ’30s. Most people think the Nazis were defeated in WWII, but actually they were defeated only in Germany. Their covert sponsors in the American corporate plutocracy still had uses for them. Many highly-skilled Nazis were actually hired by the CIA after 1947 for purposes of political subversion and terrorism in Europe, to help weaken and defeat the overwhelmingly popular socialists in Italy and France.

The Nazis learned a lot from American advertising techniques in the decades before the war. In turn, the psycho-political insights and mass-mind-control techniques of people like Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler were absorbed into the political arsenal of corporate America and the U.S. government. Nazi propaganda techniques and strategies have been absorbed most thoroughly by the pro-Israel, Zionist-dominated, corporate mass-media.

As a result, the American corporate mass-media of today is a literally diabolical lie-machine. It relentlessly fosters mass ignorance and delusion and it exploits that ignorant delusion with masterful expertise. It routinely evades horrifying political, social and economic realities by simply ignoring them. When an issue becomes so widely discussed outside the corporate media that it can no longer be safely ignored, the mass-media will go to work warping the issue and spinning it with simplistic lies and evasions. Then it will endlessly repeat the lies and evasions for weeks, months and years, until so many people unthinkingly repeat them that the deception takes on a life of its own. Goebbels would be so pleased.

Fortunately, however, all that is getting harder for the corporate mass-media to do, thanks to the Internet.

Yet even without access to truthful information, no adult with a human heart and half a brain need ever be seduced by The Machine’s insidious lies. Seeing through the deceit is not necessarily a matter of mental intelligence or knowledge. You can feel it. There’s something strangely empty, something alien and subtly disturbing about even the most innocent-appearing corporate media productions. There’s something very cold and hard hiding behind the professional smiles of politicians and media “personalities” and T.V. “news” reporters. It pervades the hollow, flashing, narcotic spectacle of the media circus in general — an arrogant, adolescent, inhuman toxicity, profoundly hostile to all that is genuinely moral and benignly natural.

Obviously, most Americans have been brainwashed — from earliest childhood — by both T.V. and the government brainwashing centers (a.k.a. “schools”). American schools and television contribute mightily to making conventional Americans the most mentally homogenous and politically ignorant people in the industrialized world.

If you’re a conventional American, then The Machine owns your silly little mind. You believe that slaughtering civilian men, women and children with cluster bombs is “humanitarian intervention”. Or “fighting terrorism”. And besides, they’re not really people anyway, right? Your T.V. never shows you the bloodied bodies of innocent children murdered by American pilots and soldiers. And if it’s not on T.V. it can’t be real, right Homer? If the victims exist at all in your mind they’re just a vague concept. Just faceless, invisible, “collateral damage”.

Innocent children? What innocent children? All of Iraq is just “Saddam Hussein”. They say on T.V. he’s “like Hitler”, so we’ve got to take him out! All of Yugoslavia is just “Milosevic”. He’s “like Hitler!” We’ve got to take him out! All of Afghanistan is just “Osama Bin Laden”. He’s a terrorist, “like Hitler”, and we’ve got to take him out!

“...the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious.”

Stock up on beer and pretzels and popcorn, we’ll watch the whole show on T.V. tonight! We’ll see explosions and smart bombs and cool screaming warplanes! Our boys will get the bad guys and make the world safe for democracy, liberating people everywhere!

And if a few innocent kids happen to get killed here and there, well, that’s just what happens in war. Sorry! Gee wiz, they should thank us for liberating them from Hitler!

Such twisted evil is certainly nothing new in America. If you know the truth about history then you know that American society has always been a roiling swamp of callous lies, moral evasions and coverups. The biggest difference is that in today’s America the great mass-media lie-machine is controlled by a smaller percentage of people than ever before. And today’s technology allows the deceit to be more pervasive and persistent.

From every blaring radio and flashing T.V. the corporate capitalist brainwashing subtly and persistently insinuates itself into the passive, unsuspecting minds of “consumers”. In every mainstream newspaper and magazine we see only the “news” the corporate owners want us to see. Ten thousand corporate Sirens sing their songs of materialist seduction, day and night, and American society is one big ship of fools, permanently wrecked upon the rocks of its self-centered pipe dreams. The Sirens sing on, week after week, month after month and year after year after year, and the fools listen, enchanted, ever hopeful.

The voice of truth is very effectively drowned out in America.

“But we still have Freedom Of Speech!” the apologists for America will insist. Sure we do, sort of, as long as only a few people are listening. You can say what you want to relatively small groups of people. Attract a big enough crowd, however, and you’ll also attract the attention of Big Brother. And if Big Brother doesn’t like what you’re saying to that big crowd, you’re not going to be saying it anymore.

U.S. government censorship tactics

The American corporate plutocracy, together with its thugs in the U.S. military-government, is a very sophisticated mafia. They use a variety of lethal and non-lethal methods to neutralize opposition. If you are sufficiently influential and you dare to tell the uncensored political truth to a large enough number of people, the rulers will initially attempt to silence you by using a combination of non-lethal methods. Not that they wouldn’t dearly love to silence all opposition with a bullet to the head. But they know they mustn’t frighten the tax-paying herd. A rebellious stampede could easily get out of control and run right over them. So to keep the unthinking masses pacified and obediently paying their taxes, America’s violently evil rulers have got to maintain the mass-illusion that they’re human beings, and that as such they share the same human values as everyone else.

Non-lethal methods

For the mindless masses, America’s whoring politicians put on their smiling masks and prattle before the T.V. cameras about “family values” and “God fearin’ patriotism”, singing rhetorical lullabies to the citizen-cows to keep them fast asleep. But the rulers and their thugs show an entirely different face to those few Americans with a higher-than-bovine intelligence and spirit. Psychological and economic intimidation are chief among their initial non-lethal methods of censorship. If you dare to expose their evil system, and you have any material assets to speak of, they’ll give you serious financial problems. They can and will use economic sabotage and legal harassment to financially ruin you, your family and friends. The prospect of this is all it takes to reduce most Americans to a state of spineless, quivering compliance. Bowls of yellow-jello. However, if you’re one of The Few, The Proud — or The Too Poor — to be silenced by financial intimidation, then they’ll just have to set their FBI dogs on you. (In the near future they’ll also unleash their “Homeland Security” thugs. Sieg Heil!)

Contrary to its carefully cultivated Hollywood image of “heroic G-men” and “crime fighters”, the FBI is itself a criminal organization. Just as the pug-faced J. Edgar Hoover was not the law-abiding, moral, upstanding, All-American citizen he pretended to be, the “crime fighting” FBI has been used by the American corporate plutocracy as a lawbreaking political police from the day it was founded in 1908. Its earliest targets for political repression were socialists, unions and any kind of worker’s rights organization. Any person or group which the corporate plutocracy sees as a threat to the capitalist status quo will always be a target of the FBI.

The FBI is essentially an American Gestapo, therefore, and they’re very experienced and skilled at all types of political intimidation, including such bestial methods as torture and murder. Like a great many county sheriff’s deputies and urban pigs, many FBI agents are nothing more than criminals with badges. It is standard procedure for them to use all manner of illegal methods to frighten you into silence. Common non-lethal methods of intimidation include everything from anonymous death threats and obscene phone calls to highly visible surveillance stakeouts and relentless tailing, using teams in multiple vehicles and on foot, like wolf packs.

FBI methods of subversion include the spreading of false rumors to ruin your reputation — and here the whoring mass-media is perfectly positioned, highly able and more than willing to assist in such treachery. It comes very naturally to them since corporate media hacks are already professional liars by trade.

The FBI is also well-versed in the art of forging email and paper correspondence. For instance, there is a well-known COINTELPRO case where an FBI agent sent a fake letter to a White man who was a liberal political activist. The fake letter appeared to be from an angry Black woman, complaining bitterly that her Black boyfriend and the White man’s White wife were having an affair. All of it existed only in the imagination of the seedy FBI agent, but it succeeded in arousing suspicions and breaking up the marriage. Another fine example of your tax dollars at work.

The possibilities for creating chaos among anti-government and anti-war political activists are virtually endless for sleazy FBI agents. They can easily intercept, alter, and then resend any non-encrypted email, to and from your friends, lovers and associates, to disrupt, confuse and poison both your private and professional life.

Many criminal FBI agents are also highly skilled in the art and science of burglary. It is very easy for them to get inside your home to install bugs, photograph your files and private correspondence and copy the entire contents of your hard disk and removable disks — all without leaving any discernible physical trace that they were ever there.

On the other hand, if they want you to know and be intimidated by it, they will violate your home in a manner that leaves you no doubt you’ve been burglarized.

Lethal methods

If you’re sufficiently powerless, FBI thugs can even pay a nasty little visit to your place while you’re actually there. Obeying the orders of their bosses, FBI agents can gratuitously ransack your home or business, stealing your computers for “evidence”, and rough you up without provocation while threatening and humiliating you and your friends. Anybody who resists this illegal abuse can be beaten and arrested, and transported to jail for more illegal abuse of all kinds behind closed doors, including even rape, of both men and women, and torture.

This is reality, folks. Sorry to have to break the news, if you don’t already know. It really happens to people, not only in the countries our military-government controls, but in America as well. America’s evil rulers and their military-government thugs place no value on human life. They torture, rape and murder people in other countries, and they do it in this country too, whenever they can get away with it. We really shouldn’t be surprised at that. We know what they did in Vietnam, and still do in Central America and Colombia. Those media-brainwashed flag-wavers who still believe in “The Land of the Free” might as well believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and Tinkerbell too. Behind its simpering mask, the true face of America is ugly as Hell.

And when its corporate owners don’t want you to know about these totally illegal abuses, not one word about them will ever be reported by the mainstream “news” media.

Political Science Fact of Life #1: America is not now, nor has it ever been governed by “The Rule of Law”, applied fairly and equally to all citizens. On the contrary, America has always been ruled chiefly by The Law of The Jungle, whose highest principle is Might Makes Right. Horrific police brutality and FBI-Gestapo abuses have been inflicted on millions of people for as long as the police and FBI have existed. For helpful information see the book: War At Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It.

So America is ruled by The Law of The Jungle. And if you are an exceedingly courageous, high-profile political activist or whistleblower who cannot be intimidated into silence — and some sufficiently powerful individual or clique within the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government considers it a top priority to silence you — they will switch from non-lethal to lethal methods. Sooner or later (usually sooner) you will conveniently die in an “accident”, or from a “disease” or by “suicide”. The wonders of technology and modern chemistry have enabled them to become increasingly adept at the art and science of covert assassination. However, if for some reason they fail to murder you by any of the more subtle and surreptitious methods, they can always just blow your brains out.

Of course such an assassination will have been carefully set up, framed as the work of some individual, isolated “wacko”, the proverbial “lone gunman”. If the mass-media script they’ve decided upon calls for him to be caught at all, he will be shot himself if he doesn’t cooperate, as happened with Oswald. If he does cooperate and pleads “guilty” as he’s told, like James Earl Ray, he’ll be whisked away to prison for life, with no messy and problematic trial to arouse the American public from its narcotic slumber. That’s the ideal. Of course Ray later recanted and demanded a public trial, but by then the corporate mass-media could easily bury the story, and he never got his trial.

Not that it would have mattered. Consider the unusual circumstance where The Lone Gunman dares to plead “not guilty” at the outset, as did Sirhan Sirhan. Because of so much publicity before the trial, he couldn’t be shot dead by guards for “trying to escape”, or “stabbed by inmates in a fight over a pack of cigarettes”, or found dead after “hanging himself” in his cell or “accidentally” falling out a window — common fates of prisoners whom the rulers want silenced. But it didn’t make any difference. He was buried for life in the prison system anyway, after a kangaroo-court trial in which major evidence and eyewitness testimony was suppressed. Evidence and testimony which proved that the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, like that of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, was carried out by a highly professional team.

A highly professional team, for instance, whose weapons, ammo, methods and even personnel bear a curious resemblance to the elite assassination squads trained by the U.S. Army, the CIA, and the Israeli Mossad and Shin Bet. Squads that are routinely used to assassinate independent leaders in impoverished and enslaved countries around the world.

What a coincidence! Gosh, it’s a small world after all.

So from then on, of course, all that suppressed evidence and eyewitness testimony will be steadfastly ignored by the corporate McNews media. And if the eyewitnesses stubbornly insist on trying to tell their stories publicly, they too will begin to meet with mysterious “accidents” and to disappear, one by one, as the years and decades drift by. Until a time comes when there is nobody left alive who dares to tell what they know, and what was once an electrifying national paroxysm becomes nothing more than a vague and controversial memory from a distant, dream-like past... finally to be forgotten entirely, and never resolved. No answers. No truth. No justice.

And the fondest hope of America’s satanic rulers is that in some soulless, subhuman, fascist future, the school-brainwashed, media-mesmerized, chemically-stupefied, chip-implanted, tax-paying herd of citizen-cows will be unable to remember anything at all. Unable even to think of anything higher than the State-approved thought of how very fortunate they are to have a sterile barn in which to be milked by their parasitical corporate masters.

As for the present, a relentless, mass-sleep-inducing strategy is being applied right now to Americans regarding the horrific events of 9-11 by America’s rulers and their mind-controlling mass-media. And if the herd of American citizen-cows doesn’t even have enough intelligence to know, nor the human soul to care, when thousands of their fellow citizens are slaughtered by their own evil government, such bovine fools truly deserve the national slavery and slaughterhouse fate which awaits them.

It’s time for Revolution, not reform

In spite of such corporate-government suppression and mass-brainwashing, however, I think if you’re one of that growing number of people in America who honestly care to know the whole truth, you will discover it one way or another, sooner or later. There are millions of private people and thousands of private, non-corporate groups telling the political truth to relatively small crowds. Small, that is, compared to Martin Luther King, who had a huge national audience when he spoke out against the Vietnam Genocide. That’s why he was silenced. But as long as not too many people listen to truth tellers, they’ll be permitted to go on telling it, for the time being.

In the post-911 world, however, political life in America is sliding downhill with increasing speed. Under the hypocritical guise of “fighting terrorism”, the terrorist U.S. military-government is doing its damnedest to drag everybody downward and backward into a political paleolithic age.

Therefore, the hard truth is that unless enough people in America start working together to literally overthrow the entire U.S. Corporate Mafia Government and replace it with a progressive socialist democracy, we will sooner or later be laboring under the yoke of a techno-fascist police state such as George Orwell never imagined in his worst nightmares. Of course America is already effectively fascist at the national level, and it’s always been a violent police-state for the working poor and for racial minorities. But the disease of fascism will spread from Washington D.C. to the farthest corners of the land like political anthrax — unless enough people take radical steps to cure it.

The U.S. government, and the plutocracy behind it, cannot be reformed. They’re a terminal case, rotting hopelessly from their own total corruption. Well-meaning but naive people who imagine they can seriously reform the government will discover that the corporate plutocracy is always ten steps ahead of them. The System is all theirs, it’s designed to defeat reformers, and the overwhelming majority of politicians and judges are glorified whores, for sale to the highest bidder. In the relatively rare cases where the plutocracy can’t defeat reformers legally, it simply breaks the law and defeats them illegally. And who’s to stop them? Certainly not the American people foolishly working within The System! They can’t even get their votes for the U.S. President to be honestly counted!

“The whole fabric of society will go to wrack if we really lay hands of reform on our rotten institutions. ... From top to bottom the whole system is a fraud, all of us know it, laborers and capitalists alike, and all of us are consenting parties to it.”

— Henry Adams
American politician

quoted by Gore Vidal in
The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

A great many career “reformers” are frauds too. They’re not actually well-meaning or naive at all. They’re intelligent enough to see, as the years go by, that they’re really not getting anywhere. And they’re clever enough to know that with their impotent approach they never will get anywhere. They will never be a serious threat to the plutocracy, which will therefore allow them to keep their lives.

These fake reformers are just other species of politician. All they really want is to be in the limelight. It’s just an ego-gratifying career, a way to make a living. They like putting on a show, playing the roles of “heroes” and “heroines” fighting the big, bad System — while receiving praise, adulation and money from fools who refuse to face the fact that nothing fundamental will ever change as long as The System remains in place at all.

Those who play along with the whole national charade and pretend to work within the rotten system to “reform” must know that the corporate plutocracy is playing along too. Toying with them. Using them to dissipate the revolutionary potential of the masses. Having a good laugh at everybody over cocktails, in between shots of bourbon and snorts of the finest CIA cocaine.

The only realistic, long-term solution is genuinely democratic, total Revolution. In the meantime, we don’t live in a democracy.

But perhaps it wouldn’t matter how politically suffocated American society is if it weren’t for the fact that our government and military seriously hurt a lot of innocent people all over the world. There’s an old saying: “A people get the government they deserve.” That certainly is true in America’s case. But what have all the impoverished and terrorized people of the world done to deserve America? What did the Vietnamese, Guatemalans, Palestinians or Iraqis ever do to us? What did the people under the thumb of our terrorist client-regimes ever do to us? Turkey, Israel, Colombia and all those other predatory regimes wouldn’t exist without America to back them up. America’s mass-murder, torture, terrorization and impoverishment of millions of people around the world seems, oh, just a bit unfair.

Well, now I know the truth about this dirty country I live in. And “America” is a dirty word to me. There is absolutely nothing to be proud of in being an American. Less than nothing, actually. Especially when you know the truth of our cruel, evil history. All those millions of people, even innocent children, slaughtered by mindless military psychopaths on the orders of their satanic corporate/banking masters.

It’s time for Revolution. Long past time.

Apathy = Immorality

In spite of all the evil Americans, however, I’d guess there must be a few million genuinely good and courageous people living here. They’re a tiny percentage of the total of 280+ million people, yet that still means millions of people. But they’re spread out everywhere, they aren’t concentrated in any locality I know of. (Which, come to think of it, is probably a good thing. If they were all in one place the U.S. Air Force would napalm them out of existence.) So in every town in America, for each one of the honestly good people there are several pious fakes. And flocks of apathetic sheeple.

America is a nation that is politically, economically, militarily and psychologically dominated by real evil. And the vast majority of Americans are counterfeit “good” men and women who do nothing effective while the forces of American evil prevail in the world.

“Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one’s self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice.

“Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.”

— Michael Rivero

Too many media-brainwashed Americans of both the Left and Right were willing to look the other way, or even cheer like suckered morons, while thousands of innocent civilians and helpless children in Yugoslavia were butchered, poisoned and burned alive by American cluster-bombs, depleted uranium missiles, napalm and horrific fuel-air incendiary bombs. A newly intensified phase has begun in the 40-year dirty covert war against the helpless people of Colombia. And very overt dirty wars have been waged by America’s cowardly military butchers against the innocent civilian men, women and children of Afghanistan and Iraq.

And the typical, damned, flag-waving American patriot could not care less.

The Internet vs. the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government

Poor, heartless, brainwashed American fools. They gaze into their subjective mirrors and imagine they see “Sophistication” and “Rugged Individualism”. The world looks at them and laughs with scorn, seeing conventional Americans for what they are: a conformist mass of apathetic, arrogant, politically-ignorant lemmings.

But nowadays there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for political ignorance if you’ve got access to the Internet.

Educate yourself while you can, however — free speech on the Internet will be a thing of the past if the American corporate plutocracy has its way. The exposure of American war crimes on the Internet is high on the hit list of the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government. Evil hates exposure to the light of public awareness. Evil totally depends on ignorance, confusion, darkness and deceit — and the heartless apathy that grows from them like a spiritual cancer.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all those genuinely good men and women of heart who are not apathetic, the good people who have been fighting in the trenches for many years to wake others up. They can rest assured that they are steadily getting through to more and more people — those people who have the capacity to care about others. They are inspiring those whose consciences will not let them look the other way once they know the truth.

The authors, publishers, organizations, websites and decent individuals I’ve included on this site are speaking out loudly and clearly. They are doing something to expose the monumental evil of American state terrorism.

And they are just a few of the millions of good people all around this tortured world, the people with political and moral courage. People like the 60,000 — 80,000 heroes and heroines from around the world who demonstrated peacefully in Seattle (and later in D.C., Los Angeles and Philadelphia) — in spite of the concussion grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, fists, batons, bootheels and sadistic, anarchic bestiality of the filthy, inhuman robocops.

In reality, America is already nothing but a techno-fascist police state masquerading as a “democracy”. And those black-clad, armored PIGS are definitely the BAD GUYS. Such violently evil robocops are merely the hired guns, the “muscle” of the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government.

true American flag - swastika and stripes - symbol of American state terrorism

American State Terrorism

The Internet is a miraculous saving grace for warning us about the various American bad guys, uniformed and not. And it has appeared on the scene not a moment too soon. Just when the corporate/banking plutocracy had consolidated all the mass-media into a handful of mega-corporations, just when they thought they’d get the mind of America sewn up tight and permanently under control, the Internet had to come along and blow all their best laid plans right out of the water. Isn’t it tragic.

Of all the subjects I could make a website about, however, just about the last one in the world I’d want to choose would be the gruesome horrors committed by the U.S. military-government. But conscience doesn’t give me a choice. Not everybody has access to the Internet, and many of those who do often sleepwalk online, reading the sites of the same mega-corporations that totally dominate television, movies and newspapers. Meanwhile, our military-government is a genocidal monster. It’s murdering people all over the world. It’s murdering the world itself, through the poisoning, genetic mutating and physical destruction of our natural environment. Those of us who know have a moral duty to inform those who still don’t know.

So speaking out against American state terrorism is a duty and an essential service. The ugly reality is deeply distressing, but you can’t fight evil by sticking your head in the sand. Although waking up to this reality is extremely unpleasant, there is nevertheless a desperate need for ignorant Americans to wake up, for the sake of the world. For their own sake as well, because there is always a very, very heavy price to pay for evil.

We’ve got to face it: the U.S. government and military have done great evil to millions of people around the world.

“From 1945 to the end of the century, the United States attempted to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments, and to crush more than 30 populist-nationalist movements struggling against intolerable regimes.

“In the process, the US caused the end of life for several million people, and condemned many millions more to a life of agony and despair.”

— William Blum
from the introduction to Rogue State

In fact this international genocide has been going on over the entire course of the last century, beginning with the Philippine genocide of 1899-1902. Millions of helpless civilian people and innocent children have been brutally murdered by violent, inhuman goons hired by the American corporate/banking plutocracy — the homicidal psychopaths of the United States Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines.

Only a homicidal psychopath would murder children and helpless civilian people. And the United States government, like all mafias, depends for its very survival on the bloodthirsty services of such evil people.

Your friendly, neighborhood propaganda agents

“Following the same course that virtually every other major industry has in the last two decades, a relentless series of mergers and corporate takeovers has consolidated control of the media into the hands of a few corporate behemoths.

“The result has been that an increasingly authoritarian agenda has been sold to the American people by a massive, multi-tentacled media machine that has become, for all intents and purposes, a propaganda organ of the state.”

— David McGowan
from the introduction to Derailing Democracy

In addition to homicidal psychopaths in uniform, the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government requires the close cooperation of the corporate-owned, corporate-controlled “news” media. These venal mass-media marionettes are absolutely essential accomplices to American war crimes. Without the help of the mass-media’s daily lies and coverups, the U.S. government would not be able to continue its endless assault on humanity. If people in the mass-media actually got a conscience and dared to fully and consistently expose the horrible truth about what our corporate government and murderous military are really up to, there would be total revolution in short order.

“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

— William Colby
former Director of the CIA

And the Zionist corporate/banking plutocracy owns everyone of any significance in the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s no mere coincidence that the CIA is also known as “The Company”. There is a ruthless, unprincipled, Machiavellian alliance between the Zionist Jewish-American plutocracy (a.k.a. the Jewish Mafia) and the CIA, despite the latter’s use of ex-Nazi officers after WWII.

From its beginning in 1947 to the present day, the CIA’s most essential purpose is propaganda, mass mind-control and bloody covert operations, using heroin and cocaine-smuggling to help finance it all. The CIA’s central purpose is not intelligence gathering. It has done its dirty work around the world, of course, but no propaganda is more important than that which is sold domestically to the American people.

Like all criminal organizations, the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government lives by deceit. It must lie routinely to the American people in order to continue feeding off their tax dollars. If enough Americans got a clue (and a heart) and refused to pay these war criminals to butcher civilian men, women and children around the world, the U.S. government would collapse. So, to keep those cash-cow taxpayers from stampeding in the wrong direction, the CIA must see to it that they remain as politically ignorant as possible. Since most Americans are stupid enough to think they can get honest “news” from the corporate mass-media, the CIA controls the political opinions of most Americans by controlling the publishers, editors and station managers, who in turn control the journalists and talking heads of the corporate mass-media.

The corporate mass-media is owned and controlled by the Jewish-American segment of the American plutocracy. This is particularly obvious where the issue of the terrorist State of Israel is concerned — over half-a-century of an almost total news blackout on the endless Israeli atrocities against Palestinian men, women and children. And throughout the American media an overwhelming favoritism for the murderous Israeli bullies.

“There are no important media outlets in the U.S. that are not owned or controlled by Jews.”

— Israel Shamir
Russian-Israeli journalist
in his article “Midas Ears”

Note: Israel Shamir is a decent, conscientious man.
His statement is meant not as an ethnocentric boast,
but as a wake-up call.

Those who own the mass-media decide what is presented to you on your television screen. It is not a democratic process. And the fewer media owners there are, the easier they are to control. That is the purpose of the corporate mass-media ownership consolidation in the last twenty years.

The Zionist-Jewish plutocracy and the CIA have done their job very well indeed. The U.S. military-government and its Israeli extension terrorize the world’s people with the enthusiastic connivance of the professional liars who predominate at the T.V. networks, newspapers, wire services, magazines and radio. In corporate America, principled journalists who refuse to be intellectual prostitutes inevitably find themselves out of a job. Courageous people who attempt to reveal politically sensitive, corporate-government crime will find themselves dead. Venal whores, on the other hand, discover a world of well-paying opportunities in the mainstream, corporate mass-media.

If they have telegenic faces they can become highly-paid, talking-head androids on T.V. But even then, mere looks are not enough: they have to learn the art of jabbering in that familiar, rhythmic, sing-song cadence that is calculated to hypnotize an audience of T.V. viewers. If they’re too ugly for T.V. they can become similarly jabbering radio “personalities”. With a talent for writing they can become crooked newspaper editors, magazine editors or journalists. If they know the right people they can become high-profile national columnists in the discreet pay of the CIA. But whatever position they hold, they’re all fundamentally the same species of unprincipled, mercenary whore.

This smiling, smarmy army of deception includes the huge, extremely wealthy, yet little-known public relations firms (such as The Rendon Group, Ruder-Finn, Hill & Knowlton, Shandwick, Burson-Marsteller and Ketchum PR) with their legions of fraudulent PR flacks. While the hairstyled, make-up covered news-droids preen in the public spotlight, the creative brains behind the deceit are the PR flacks, hidden from public view in their corporate offices. PR flacks are the ones who dream up everything from complex propaganda campaigns to simple sanitized phrases like “humanitarian intervention” and “collateral damage” as euphemisms for the bloody cluster-bomb mass-murder of innocent children and civilians.

Like all whores, corporate journalists and PR flacks offer their services to the highest bidder. And of course the highest bidder is always the Zionist corporate/banking plutocracy. This consists of the major stock-holders, CEOs and board members of the biggest banks, media-conglomerates and mega-corporations — many of which have more money than entire nations in this exploited world. Of the world’s 100 biggest economies, fifty-one are corporations, not countries.

The finite lifespans of predatory empires

The cruel crimes against humanity perpetrated by America’s corporate capitalist rulers — and their whoring minions in the U.S. government, the U.S. military and the mass-media — will drag this nation down to its inevitable karmic doom. Or to put it another way: what goes around comes around.

U.S. government agents and military personnel have directly committed the bloody genocide, rape and torture of millions of people around the world. America continues to directly support fascist dictatorships all over the world, dictatorships which also routinely torture people, rape people and murder people, sometimes by the hundreds of thousands, and even by the millions. U.S. military-government war criminals have done incredible violence and evil to millions of people all over the world, and covered it all up with massive propaganda campaigns for a hundred years.

So what do you think — should they simply get away with it?

Should there be no punishment for such horrific crimes against humanity? Do you think there will never be a day of reckoning? If you do, then you don’t know history. There is always a day of reckoning. And in America’s case, it will have to be a catastrophic day indeed — unless things are turned around radically. And very soon. Unless there is Total Revolution in American society and we pay trillions of dollars in reparations for the next 100 years to the people of all the countries we’ve impoverished and terrorized.

Fat chance, huh? Knowing selfish, apathetic America you know that only total economic collapse will bring about Total Revolution. That economic collapse is definitely going to happen, but then we’ll no longer have trillions of dollars for reparations. And in any case, all the money in the world will never atone for the torture, rape and murder of people’s loved ones. Considering the massive extent of the American terrorist atrocities already committed, it seems obvious that it’s far too late already. No matter what happens.

There comes a time in the finite life of a predatory empire like America, when so many horrible crimes against humanity have been committed for so long, that it is simply impossible to undo the damage and escape the repercussions.

At that point the total destruction of the predator is the only way to begin the karmic reparations for such a magnitude of evil. The thorough defeat of the Babylonian, Egyptian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Roman, Byzantine, Mongol and Spanish Empires, and more recently the Ottoman Turkish Empire, the Italian Fascist Empire and the German Third Reich, are just a few of the many examples. Evil empires always meet their doom, sooner or later. The opium-pushing British Empire is no more. The cocaine and heroin-pushing American Empire is next on history’s hit list.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it ... always.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

For as long as we live, to the day we die and beyond, each of us who does whatever we can to help will be able to face the future with a clear conscience. At least we tried to warn our mind-controlled brothers and sisters about this techno-fascist American Beast. At least we refused to give money to babykillers and worked to defeat them.

The sleeping sheeple will continue to wallow in their benighted, media-mesmerized apathy as the Titanic ship of American state plows full speed ahead toward its karmic iceberg. And they’ll all drown in bitter regret someday.

When it’s time for us to die, to shed the physical body, those of us who refused to submerge our souls in apathy will be able to face ourselves and God (or whatever you call the Higher Reality) and be counted among those with a human heart.


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— Jim Olson
owner of Humboldt Internet
September 26, 2001

On September 14, 2001, three days after the WTC attack, the owner of the humboldt1.com ISP summarily deleted the original American Terrorism website. When informed that he was suppressing online free speech, he offered the helpful advice above.

Launched: May, 2000  —  Torpedoed: September 14, 2001   R.I.P.

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...or without any discretion, or, after September 11, 2001, for a hypocrite, patriot-idiot, police-state censorship reason.

$  Burn the evil American flag - symbol of American state terrorism.  $

PLUTOCRACY \plu-'tok-rih-see\ n. [Gk ploutokratia, fr. ploutos, wealth] 1: government by the wealthy  2: a controlling class of rich men and women

Plutonian \plu-'toe-nee-un\ adj, often cap 1: of, relating to, or characteristic of Pluto or the lower world : INFERNAL
burning fireburning fireburning fireburning fireburning fire

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