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graphic showing an israeli flag covered by a red circle and slash, and the words 'Boycott Israel'

“Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can be used to disallow terror as a means of war... We are very far from any moral hesitations when concerned with the national struggle. First and foremost, terror is for us a part of the political war appropriate for the circumstances of today...”

— Yitzhak Shamir
Israeli Prime Minister, Zionist terrorist
in an August 1943 article titled “Terror”, written for Hazit
the journal of Lehi, the terrorist organization he belonged to

graphic of the Israeli flag - a white background with a blue six-pointed star between two horizontal blue bars, and a swastika in the center of the star
Jewish Nazis:
State Terrorism
of the Palestinian People

“Every time we do something, you [Shimon Peres] tell me America will do this and will do that... I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

— Ariel Sharon
Israeli Prime Minister, homicidal psychopath
Jewish Mafia member
Knesset, Tel Aviv, October 3, 2001

horrible photo of a dead child with dried blood and lacerations all over his face and mouth, and dried blood on the front of his sweater. He is lying on his back on a hospital bed with a wide white bandage around the top of his head, covering his eyes. This 10-year-old Palestinian boy was beaten to death by an Israeli army officer/settler on October 27, 1996. The boy’s name was Helmi Shawashe.

The Israeli man suspected Helmi of throwing rocks at his car, so he pressed his army boots against the little boy’s neck and beat him savagely on the head with the butt of his pistol. When Helmi began screaming and begging for his life, the Israeli dragged the little boy through thorny terrain and resumed beating him until he lost consciousness. Helmi died the next day of a massive brain hemorrhage.

It has long been held that the true definition of the ancient Hebrew word “Israel” is: “he who wrestles with God”, or “to fight God”. In the book of Genesis, Jacob was first called “Israel” after he wrestled with a man who is thought by Bible scholars to have been an angel. If “Israel” means “to wrestle or fight with God”, and if we define “God” as that which is good, kind, loving, sane, wise and truthful — then never was a country more appropriately named as that murderous little cutthroat nation of racist, Zionist psychopaths who invaded Palestine and anointed themselves “Israel”.

Like a poisoned knife thrust into the heart of the Middle East, the violently evil state of Israel has been a direct political and military extension of the United States since 1948. Under the leadership of homicidal psychopaths like Yitzhak Shamir, Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon, all the brutal Israeli state terrorism against the Palestinian people since 1948 has been done with the full blessing of the United States Corporate Mafia Government.

photo of an Israeli soldier squatting on the ground as he points his rifle at two little girls who are hiding behind their mother. The mother is crying as she grips one of her little girls' hands and looks at the soldier, and the little girls have expressions of fright on their faces as they look at the soldier. Israeli soldier gratuitously intimidating little Palestinian girls and their mother. Sadistic bullying and cold-blooded murder of innocent Palestinian people is daily routine for Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Whether you like it or not, every year the U.S. government makes an outright gift to the Israelis of five to twelve billion dollars. These gifts are disguised as “loans” — which are never repaid. These are your tax dollars, if you live in America, yet you have no say in the matter. The only material power you have is to refuse to pay taxes. You would be morally wise to exercise that power. The Federal government is not a democracy, it is a corporate mafia. And like all mafias, the U.S. government never pays people to do things it doesn’t want done.

Israeli state terrorism is essentially American state terrorism.

A group of women at a demonstration, holding up a sign that says - ’Hey Americans - Your Govt. Sells Weapons to Israel to KILL Our Children!’ Brutally evil though they both are, why should the U.S. government give a hoot whether Israel even exists or not? What practical use is Israel to America? Israel not only does the U.S. no good whatsoever, it does a great deal of harm. Even from the point of view of American state terrorists it must be logically obvious that the state of Israel is a total liability: a monumental political liability and a sizeable economic liability. The U.S. government certainly doesn’t need Israel’s help to control Middle East oil. Far from it. Supporting the babykilling Israelis has only inspired rebellion among the peoples of the Arab oil states.

“Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”

— John Sheehan, S.J.

There are only two demented minorities in America who have any interest in advancing the cause of this total liability. Obviously one of these groups consists of the Jewish-American Zionists. Not all Jewish people, just the Zionists. The Jewish Zionists have bought and/or brainwashed the second group: their immoral, venal and ignorant Gentile supporters.

This second group includes “Christian” Zionists like Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell and their sick followers. These satanic wackos support Israel because they’re eager for Armageddon, and they’re sure the state of Israel will help to bring it about. They’ve got that right, at least.

Unfortunately, many Jewish-American Zionists have been extremely wealthy and powerful for a very long time. For well over a hundred years they’ve purchased many venal supporters in all branches of the U.S. government, in the legal profession and all levels of the judiciary, in universities and especially in the corporate mass-media. This explains why the Jewish Zionists, who are such a tiny percentage of the total population, could have such an overbearing political influence, one that is so bizarrely disproportionate to their small numbers.

The two-headed, two-faced
American plutocracy

The most fundamental political fact of life in America is that behind the U.S. government, pulling its strings, there is a plutocracy: “the rule of the rich”. America is not a democracy. The U.S., like all capitalist countries, is ruled by a tiny class of ultra-wealthy criminals, not by the majority of people. But the majority of American people have a tradition of holding democratic values dear, so the plutocracy must take great care to foster the illusion among that majority that they have some say in what their government does. However, the stolen election of 2000 and the growing fascism of the illegitimate Bush regime are awakening growing numbers of people from that illusion.

The American plutocracy is not racially or ethnically homogenous. Its membership is composed of two basic segments:

  1. The Christian European-American plutocracy, which consists of the Rockefeller, Brown, Harriman, Morgan, Astor, Carnegie, DuPont and Bush crime families and many others. These names are all very well known, although not as crime families of course. But that is what they really are.

  2. The Jewish plutocracy is less well known, and yet it is actually more powerful — because it controls the banks and the mass media. It includes the Rothschild, Lehman, Lazard, Warburg, Kuhn, Loeb, Goldman, Sachs, Seligman, Bronfman and Lansky crime families and many others.

After centuries of tenacious and treacherous effort behind the scenes, the international Jewish plutocracy finally came out of the closet in the 19th century. The Rothschilds led the way, joining the ranks of officially acknowledged “nobility” first in Austria in 1817, and soon thereafter in Germany, France, Italy and England — everywhere they had a bank. What a coincidence! Nathaniel Rothschild of London joined the titled ranks of the English peerage in 1885, becoming the first “Lord Rothschild”.

Since then the Jewish-American plutocracy has gradually acquired equivalent, virtually royal status in the United States.

Like the Christian-European plutocracy, however, the Jewish plutocracy is nothing more than a mafia, a pompous, arrogant gang of glorified criminals. Their wealth was initially acquired through participation in the international slave trade, and through control of the European banking industry.

It is a highly-censored but nevertheless historical fact that Jewish slavers have plied their evil trade internationally from the days of the Roman Empire to the present day. Jewish slave-traders reaped great profits in the transatlantic slave trade of Africans to the Americas. Many of the horrible ships which held suffering cargoes of African men and women were owned by wealthy Jews, and some even had Jewish crews.

William Shakespeare’s famous play, The Merchant of Venice, was no mere flight of “anti-Semitic” fancy on the part of the famous author. It was based on the reality of Jewish racism and greed. For many centuries the city of Venice was the world’s greatest center of the international slave trade, and wealthy Venetian Jews financed a great deal of it, making immense profits. As with illegal drugs, slavery always was — and still is — extremely profitable for the dirty criminals involved in it at every level.

Jewish money-lenders were first imposed upon England in 1066 by the Norman invader, William the Conqueror. He imported a large number of them from Rouen, France, for the express purpose of financially bleeding the English ruling classes.

An exclusive money-lending role was granted to Jews for centuries by many European monarchs, who would then siphon off a fat percentage of the Jewish bankers’ profits. Using the Jews in this racket, the royal con artists would pretend that they themselves would never stoop so low as to commit the sin of usury, and so it appeared to the ill-informed masses that only greedy Jews were involved in the practice.

This, together with the Jewish slave trade and its related prostitution rackets, made it very easy for the enemies of the Jews, particularly the Christian churches, to convince their congregations that all Jews must therefore be greedy and evil. The tragic result was that even innocent, hardworking Jewish people were persecuted and murdered in pogroms because of the very real evil of all these assorted fools, knaves and criminals, Jewish and Gentile.

In his book Prostitution and Prejudice: The Jewish Fight Against White Slavery, 1870-1939, Jewish historian Edward Bristow revealed that the center of the Jewish slave trade in Gentile women from Poland and surrounding regions was a small town called Oswiecim.

The German name for this town is Auschwitz.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

— Meyer Amschel Rothschild
first patriarch of the Rothschild dynasty

Early in the 19th century the five sons of Meyer Amschel Rothschild founded five allied banks in Europe — in London, Paris, Berlin, Naples and Vienna. (This is the origin of the Rothschild family symbol: five arrows splayed like the fingers of a hand, the arrows bound together at their centers.) In 1815 the Rothschilds made an astronomical fortune through the ruthless manipulation of the London Stock Exchange. From that day to this, they have controlled the Bank of England. In 1818 they pulled off another major financial coup in France by the manipulation throughout Europe of French government bonds.

Before the end of the 19th century, the international Jewish banking plutocracy had taken financial control of all Europe, and through Europe’s various parasitical empires, the entire world.

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages...will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical to their best interests.”

— Rothschild Brothers of London
June 25, 1863 communiqué to associates in New York

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

— Benjamin Disraeli
First Jewish Prime Minister of England, 1868
in his 1844 novel Coningsby

Generations of Americans have been conditioned by the Zionist-controlled mass-media to react mindlessly like Pavlov’s dogs to any mention of the Jewish domination of national and international finance. Without taking the trouble to actually find out for themselves, without thinking at all, they automatically dismiss it as just another delusional “conspiracy theory”, the result of “anti-Semitism”. (Good doggie! Here’s a treat.) To help inform such people of the political/financial realities of this world, the following is a confirmation of the existence of the Jewish banking plutocracy, provided by a Jewish source — the online Jewish Encyclopedia:

“With the peace of 1815 [after the Battle of Waterloo] came the beginnings of international finance, in which industrial operations in one country were assisted by loans from financiers of other countries. The Jews, through their international position, were the first to combine into syndicates for such purposes and the earlier stages of national loans and the larger industrial operations — especially those relating to railways — were largely financed by means of Jewish capital. [italics added]  Even in cases where, as in England and the United States, there were large bodies of capitalists ready to advance money, the actual operation was often conducted by means of Jewish firms.

“The practise initiated by the Rothschilds of having several brothers of a firm establish branches in the different financial centers was followed by other Jewish financiers, like the Bischoffsheims, Pereires, Seligmans, Lazards, and others... By this means Jewish financiers obtained an increasing share of international finance during the middle and last quarter of the nineteenth century. The head of the whole group was the Rothschild family...”

The Christian-European segment of the American plutocracy nominally controls the U.S. military, the weapons industry, the oil industry and many corporations. The Jewish segment of the plutocracy directly controls most of the banking industry, including the all-important Federal Reserve Bank. Even more importantly, it also owns and dominates all of the corporate mass-media.

Through the banks alone the Zionist Jewish plutocracy can manipulate the entire economy, and through the mass-media it can deceive and manipulate the mass-mind of society.

These two areas of control have made the Jewish plutocracy more powerful than the Christian European-American plutocracy for well over a century. This is why a lowlife, war-criminal, mafia thug like Ariel Sharon can openly boast in a debate within the Knesset: “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

“We all know that the first bankers of the world — Rothschilds — are Jews; we know they control not only the money market, but also the political destiny of the European world... The Press of Europe is mostly controlled by Jews; the leading editors are Jews.”

— Simon Wolf
Jewish-American lobbyist, 1888
The Influence of the Jews on the Progress of the World

Washington DC, 1888; pp. 37-39

Simon Wolfe’s ethnocentric boast applies more to America now, than to Europe. In particular, the Jewish control of the American mass-media is the only thing which adequately explains the mass-media’s overwhelming bias in favor of the terrorist state of Israel, and its perennial coverups of over half-a-century of brutal Israeli atrocities.

“There are no important media outlets in the U.S. that are not owned or controlled by Jews.”

— Israel Shamir
Russian-Israeli journalist
in his article “Midas Ears”

Note: Unlike Sharon, Israel Shamir is a good, conscientious man.
His statement is meant not as an ethnocentric boast,
but as a wake-up call.

Given the complex, interdependent nature of the economy, however, the Jewish segment of the American plutocracy can never act in total independence of the Christian-European segment, despite the Jewish predominance. They are all forced by circumstance to cooperate with each other in order to retain their wealth, power and privilege. It’s more than likely, however, that behind closed doors a great many of them despise each other intensely.

Zionism and Talmudic Judaism are violently and obscenely racist, inherently contemptuous of all “goyim” (Gentile people). The reality of Jewish racism is totally covered up by the Zionist-controlled mass-media, of course, while Gentile racism toward Jews is given wide publicity. And indeed, many Gentiles within the American plutocracy were Nazi-sympathizers before WWII. No doubt there are many who remain so today.

Zionism and Naziism are mirror images of each other. The biggest difference is that Zionism has always been very stealthy, skillfully hiding its racist inhumanity from most Gentiles, while Naziism was very brazen and open about its racism.

There is an ancient Cabalistic symbol for the primordial nature of evil, and it would be quite fitting as the official seal of the American plutocracy. The symbol consists of a beast with two heads — which are eternally at war with each other. The heads bite and snarl and snap at each other, making life hell for each other, but each one is forever unable to kill the other because they are connected to the same body. Just so, the two heads of the beastly American plutocracy are inextricably connected to the same economy.

The Jewish-American head of the plutocratic Beast includes the virtually invisible Jewish mafia — with which Ariel Sharon has long been closely involved.

The Jewish-American plutocracy is indeed a racist, ethnocentric mafia. Fundamentally treasonous, it favors the well-being of fellow Jews and Israelis over the well-being of Gentile Americans.

The entire American plutocracy, for that matter, is a two-faced fraud, as well as a two-headed Beast. Contrary to their carefully cultivated patriotic images, no segment of the plutocracy has ever had any honest concern for the well-being of either ordinary working Jews or the Gentile working majority of Americans.

However it is the Jewish-American segment of the plutocracy, through its control of banking and the mass-media, which has managed to coerce and beguile Americans into supporting the terrorist state of Israel all these years, something which is not at all in the interest of the overwhelming majority of Americans. Israel is literally a welfare state for war criminals, in which American taxpayers foot the bill for everything the Jewish-American plutocracy decides to give the Israelis free of charge, including all the high-tech weaponry they use to terrorize and murder innocent Palestinian children.

The economic parasitism and political power of the Zionist Jewish-American plutocracy is totally invisible to the average mentally-sleeping American, thanks to the Zionists’ control of the mass-media. This insidious power of the Jewish plutocracy is also greatly enhanced by the fact that it owns Mossad and Shin Bet, Israel’s primary spy agencies, and also the Israeli telecommunications companies Amdocs Ltd. and Comverse Infosys — through all of which it spies extensively on the U.S. military-government.

The two heads of the Beast will never stop warring on each other.

Anti-Zionist Jewish people

For the sake of decent, anti-Zionist Jewish people, however, it is critically important to distinguish between them and Zionist Jews. Whether or not they are members of the plutocracy, Zionist Jews are racist, immoral and ethnocentric. As supporters of Israel they certainly share the blame for Israel’s Nazi-like crimes. In contrast, anti-Zionist Jews have a genuine moral conscience, and they absolutely cannot be blamed for the crimes of Israel and the Jewish plutocracy. Jewish people like Dr. Lev Grinberg, Israel Shamir, Edward S. Herman, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Uri Avnery and many others have always been among the most eloquent and courageously outspoken opponents and critics of Israeli state terrorism.

It does take courage, because Jewish people who speak out against Israeli terrorism are hated all the more intensely by demented Zionists, who label them as “traitors” and “self-hating Jews”. Zionists are fundamentally evil people, and the most twisted of them have never hesitated to murder even fellow Jews if they are judged to be a serious threat to The Cause — which was Israel, but is now “Eretz Israel”, or Greater Israel.

In 1924, Jewish professor Yisroel Yaakov De Haan was murdered by Zionist Jews in Jerusalem, right outside a synagogue, because he was an implacable opponent of Zionism. Yitzhak Shamir, who later became a Prime Minister of Israel, personally murdered a Jewish colleague during the Zionist terrorist struggle for statehood against the British Empire. Such murders serve to notify fellow Jews of what they can expect if they go too far in opposing Israeli Naziism.

“Many rabbis and professionals have told me recently that they fear for their jobs should they even begin to articulate their doubts about Israeli policy — much less give explicit support to calls for an end to the occupation.”

— Rabbi Michael Lerner
April 28, 2002
Los Angeles Times

Actually, decent Jewish people even in America fear for a lot more than their jobs if they dare to speak the political and moral truth. Some have received death threats for speaking out, and they know that being Jewish does not protect them from murderous Zionist fanatics. Quite the opposite. It makes them a prime target. The JDL (Jewish Defense League) and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) are in fact violent Jewish terrorist organizations behind their civil public facades.

Israel and Zionism are actually the worst enemies of Jews and Judaism that have ever existed. More insidiously deadly than the Nazis by far, Zionism is a spiritual cancer within the Jewish culture and religion. Evil outside you can only abuse and murder your physical body. The evil within will poison your soul.

“For believing Jews, Zionism is anathema to our religion, indeed to our very being. Real Jews do not want to take over Palestine. Real Jews wish to live in peace with all peoples, especially our Arab/Muslim cousins. Real Jews commiserate with the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the satanic Zionist Reich.”

— Adiv Abramson
an orthodox Torah Jew

Many orthodox rabbis have long worked to inform the world and fellow Jews of the fact that Zionism is a complete heresy against Torah Judaism. See Jews Against Zionism, JewsNotZionists.org, Neturei Karta USA and Neturei Karta - Jews United Against Zionism. Zionism is a total heresy against human decency itself, for that matter, regardless of religion.

There have also always been many decent secular Jewish people all over the world who are ashamed and horrified at the murderous, racist hypocrisy that has been perpetrated in their names by the terrorist state of Israel. See Jews Against the Occupation, NormanFinkelstein.com, Gush Shalom and “Israel’s State Terrorism”, by Dr. Lev Grinberg.

Adolf Hitler visits the Wailing Wall

Zionist practitioners of the Hitlerian “Big Lie” strategy would have you believe that all the Israeli state terrorism of today is merely a reaction to Palestinian suicide bombings. They say that first the Palestinians started the suicide attacks for some perverse reason, though it was not at all in their self-interest, and only then did the “heroic” and “restrained” Israeli military react. That is a bald-faced lie.

Precisely the opposite is true. Anyone with even a little intelligence and honesty can see that the Israelis have the overwhelming power to be the aggressors, and that they are the aggressors. They are backed militarily, politically and financially by the world’s greatest superpower. They have billions of dollars worth of weapons, all paid for by American taxpayers. Not only do the Israelis have many state-of-the-art jet fighters, tanks and attack helicopters, they even have three submarines carrying missiles with nuclear warheads.

The latest Intifada began when the Israelis first provoked the Palestinians at the Al-Aqsa mosque, and then brutally, massively terrorized them with their powerful military. Suicide bombings are the desperate reactions of despairing individuals to this ongoing Israeli state terrorism.

On September 28, 2000, the evil old butcher, Ariel Sharon, made a well-planned, provocative little “visit” to the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem — accompanied by a thousand heavily-armed Israeli troops. (All authorized by Prime Minister Barak.) This touched off a spontaneous riot among the Palestinians who were there, during which six Palestinian people were shot dead by the Israelis.

Imagine Adolf Hitler paying a little visit to the Wailing Wall accompanied by a thousand Nazi storm troopers who then shoot dead six Jews, and you’ll get an idea of what this event meant to the long-suffering Palestinians.

Tragically, as Sharon hoped, many Palestinians couldn’t resist falling into the trap. The Al-Aqsa provocation was intended to create an angry reaction from Palestinians who could bear no more abuse. As expected, the renewed Intifada protests provided Israel with the propaganda it needed to launch an escalating state terror campaign. When Israeli troops shot more and more Palestinians dead just for protesting or throwing rocks at tanks or even just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, some of the most despairing Palestinians began to take revenge with suicide bombs. That gave the Israelis the excuse to shoot dead yet more Palestinian children, which motivated more suicide bombings, which brought more Israeli tanks and attack helicopters to slaughter more Palestinian men, women and children. Just what Sharon wanted.

To achieve their dream of “Greater Israel”, the invaders are attempting to drive the Palestinians out of Palestine. The Israelis want to steal the tiny, impoverished remainder of Palestine which Palestinians still inhabit — East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza — and drive them into the deserts of Jordan and the Sinai. This has been what Ariel Sharon and all hard-core Zionists have always wanted from the very beginning. The old devil apparently felt this was his last, best chance to realize his dream before he died. Perhaps he expects to collect his just reward in heaven, taking his place on the celestial throne at right hand of Jehovah. Or perhaps he is a Zionist atheist who imagines he will escape the punishment for his crimes through the “oblivion” of death.

Boy, does he have a nasty surprise waiting for him!

Here’s what I have to say to you, Ariel Sharon, and to all the world’s sadistic war criminals: your victims are your future.

You will never escape them in a million years. You think you can get away with your crimes against humanity, but you might as well try to escape your own shadow. Your evil accompanies you everywhere, at all times, like a demonic shadow. Evil is your escort in life, and so it will be in your death, and beyond. Whether you die violently, like your victims, or quietly in your sleep, there is one thing that is guaranteed — your victims are your future.

Ariel Sharon’s terror campaign

So the Jewish Hitler’s Al-Aqsa ploy succeeded, and since September 2000 the sadistic Israeli Army (falsely named the Israeli “Defense” Forces), together with violent gangs of psychopathic Israeli thugs who call themselves “settlers”, have launched a massive state terror campaign, including several full-blown military assaults on the largely unarmed Palestinian people. The Israelis have slaughtered innocent people all over the West Bank and Gaza, with the biggest massacres so far occurring in Gaza and the Jenin refuge camp in the West Bank.

During this latest terror campaign the Israelis have brutally murdered over 3,000 people, as of this writing, including hundreds of children, and injured over 40,000, many severely.

Thousands of Palestinian people have suffered serious physical and/or neurological injuries requiring long-term health care, after having been shot or bombed by the Israelis. But the Israelis have surrounded all Palestinian villages and blocked all exits, refusing to allow those with severe injuries to get medical help outside.

That tiny minority of Palestinians in the militias and police forces who have guns have fought back, and many have died, while the others have only rocks to throw before they die, and a few, out of total despair, have become suicide bombers. They have two choices: live and die in freedom, or live for awhile as miserable slaves while being already dead inside.

“Live free or die!” said the men and women of the American Revolution. They would have understood the Palestinian people. But what the Palestinians have gone through, for over half-a-century now, is a thousand times more brutal.

Even so, I could never condone suicide attacks if they kill innocent civilian people. To murder innocent people is to lower oneself to the level of the Israelis. But I have no experience to compare with the level of hardship and suffering the Palestinian people are going through. We who live our sheltered lives in America have no idea. Unless we’ve been through something very similar, for as long a time, we can’t really fathom the depth and intensity of what the Palestinians feel.

Imagine, what would you do if a viciously racist foreign military force assaulted your town and slaughtered your children, your brothers, sisters, mother, maybe your father, grandfather, or grandmother, your husband, wife or your best friend? What if you saw the soldiers laugh after they blew up your sister, making fun of her bloody, disfigured face? What if they raped your brother’s wife after murdering her husband or father because he tried to stop them? What if you had to bury your six-month-old baby because an Israeli bullet ripped through its tiny little fragile body? What if they beat and tortured you and your father and brother, and sneered insults at you as they urinated on you?

All these things, and much more, the satanic Israelis have done. Again and again and again and again. For many decades, since long before you were born, if you’re a young Palestinian.

Can you really imagine what you would feel like? Would you even be strong enough to stay sane? And what if these filthy devils got away with it year after year after year, and it looked like the whole stinking world didn’t give a damn whether you lived or died? And these invaders had tanks and helicopter gunships and F-16 jets, and you had nothing but rocks. And they’ll shoot you if you throw it. They’ll shoot you if you don’t throw it. They’ll shoot you when you’re standing by your window or your front door. They’ll shoot you when you walk outside to get food at the store, even after they say they’ve lifted their curfew which has kept you starving inside cramped little rooms for days on end with scores of other hungry, suffering people. If you see a tank when you go out for food you’ll have to run back and hide, because the dirty Israeli cowards in that tank will murder you for the crime of being a Palestinian human being.

They’ll even shoot you when you’re sleeping in your bed. Firing right through the walls with heavy-gauge ammo. They’ve done it to many people already, even little children. It could be an Israeli sniper, or an Israeli tank round that comes ripping through the wall, or a missile from an Apache helicopter gunship that rips through the ceiling and explodes, splattering everyone, your loved ones, into bloody bits. And with so many of your friends and family dead and suffering unbearably, the only hope you have is to make the Israelis pay a little bit, make the devils taste just a little bit of the horror they’ve been inflicting on you and your whole nation for decades. All your life. All your life you’ve never known anything but vicious, murderous oppression by the filthy Israelis.

You might become a suicide bomber too. And I might too.

The utter futility of suicide bombing

And yet it obviously does no good at all. Quite the opposite. Suicide bombings are exactly what Ariel Sharon wants. They provide the Zionist Wehrmacht with all the propaganda it could possibly hope for to escalate Israeli state terrorism. Ariel Sharon absolutely LOVES suicide bombers! They make his twisted little inhuman mind feel so smugly justified about his bloody lifetime of murdering innocent human beings. Worst of all, they practically do his “Greater Israel” work for him. If suicide bombers didn’t exist, Ariel Sharon would have to invent them.

The fundamental military fact of life in Palestine is that the Israelis have absolutely all the high cards. It is tanks and Apache helicopter gunships vs. slingshots, literally, in many cases. A modern-day match between David and Goliath if ever there was one, and of course this time around, the Israelis are the brutish Goliath. (And may history repeat itself, right between the eyes.) But so far, Goliath is beating the hell out of David, and any Arab nation that would dare to rescue their Palestinian brothers and sisters would have to deal with the fact that Israel has three submarines armed with ballistic missiles that have nuclear warheads. On top of that, they’re backed up by The World’s Lone Remaining Superpower. Internationally, Israel is like a snotty little brat in the schoolyard who can push everybody around because he’s backed up by the biggest bully on the block.

It’s about as unequal a contest as it could possibly be, and yet the Zionist-controlled mass-media always presents it as if it was almost even. Every Palestinian suicide attack simply hands helpful propaganda to the bogus “news” media, and hands the Israelis a blank check to butcher three times as many Palestinian men, women and children, to deport more innocent Palestinians, to arrest, imprison and torture hundreds more Palestinians, to bulldoze yet more Palestinian homes as old women cry in despair.

Carnage makes Ariel happy. No matter whose blood it is, he wins either way. With every attack, the suicide bombers make his dream of “Greater Israel” a little closer to realization.

For the innocent ones

But by far the most important thing is this: a suicide attack might kill somebody who is innocent. A precious little Jewish child is innocent, as is a precious little Palestinian child. Obviously many beautiful human beings of all ages and every culture in the Middle East are innocent. Murdering and crippling innocent people has been the trademark of the Israelis from the beginning. No good can come from lowering oneself to their level. As a nation, the Palestinians are much braver, they are psychologically stronger, more resilient, enduring and tougher by far than the steadily decaying Israelis. I think the Palestinians are capable of seizing the moral high ground too. If they did, they would enjoy a spiritual nourishment more powerful than all the evil weapons in the world.

Zionists are Jewish Nazis

Understandable though suicide bombings are, such indiscriminate murders of Israeli civilians are nevertheless immoral, non-defensive acts of vengeance. But every Palestinian has a natural right to genuine self-defense. The Palestinians have a perfect moral right to defend themselves against Israeli attack, to choose to live and die in freedom. The long-suffering Palestinians are dealing with people who are Jewish Nazis in spirit, and Nazis don’t understand morality. Like the Nazis, Zionist Israelis understand only power.

They share other similarities as well:

The similarities between the Nazis and the Zionist Israelis are remarkable. Psychologist Kevin MacDonald, in The Culture of Critique, said that Zionism and Naziism are “mirror images” of each other. This is quite true. (See: “War Could Create Resentment Against Jews”, by Henry Makow, Ph.D.)

It’s amazing that the Israelis even have the gall to openly refer to their evil policies as “the Palestinian problem”, just as the Nazis referred to the Jews. Apparently, the Israelis feel so omnipotent that they no longer try very hard to hide the fact that they are essentially Jewish Nazis.

And now they’ve turned Gaza and the West Bank into a collection of huge Warsaw Ghettos.

Apologists for Israeli terrorism will of course contend that the Nazi “final solution” meant the genocide of the Jews, whereas the Israeli “final solution” means no more than murdering a few thousand Palestinians and the exile of all Palestinians from Palestine. But given the violently racist, inhumanly cruel nature of Israeli Zionists, there is no doubt that they would be delighted to commit a genocide of the Palestinian people. They are held in check only by world opinion, vulnerable because they depend on money and weapons from the United States. The Israelis are every bit as ruthless as the Nazis, and given the same opportunities, they would definitely do the same thing.

Americans could stop these racist devils completely, if only they cared enough. They better start caring, because there is a price to pay for apathy too. This whole damned world is going to go completely to hell unless enough people become human beings and start caring. In America that means: don’t pay taxes to the U.S. government. That’s the very least you can do — simply don’t support evil. It’s incredible to realize that if enough people would simply stop supporting it, the U.S. military/government juggernaut would collapse without a shot being fired.

And the Israelis would run out of weapons with which to butcher children.

In the introduction to his book Killing Hope, William Blum writes:

“George Bernard Shaw used three concepts to describe the positions of individuals in Nazi Germany: intelligence, decency and Naziism. He argued that if a person was intelligent and a Nazi, he was not decent. If he was decent and a Nazi, he was not intelligent. And if he was decent and intelligent, he was not a Nazi.”

That statement applies equally well to Zionist Americans and Israelis. Here is an updated version, therefore, of Shaw’s three concepts:

  1. If a person is decent and a Zionist, he or she is not intelligent.

  2. If a person is intelligent and a Zionist, he or she is not decent.

  3. And if a person is decent and intelligent, he or she is not a Zionist.

Sadistic Israeli terror tactics

The Israelis have sealed off the Gaza strip and carved up the West Bank into 220 little disconnected areas separated by bypass roads on which are military checkpoints. You can’t go anywhere in the West Bank or Gaza without going through these checkpoints, and the Israelis love to make it as miserable an experience as possible for Palestinians. Heavily-armed Israeli soldiers always keep Palestinian people waiting needlessly for many hours on end, often forcing them to remain in their cars with the windows rolled up in the blazing hot sun, while the occupants suffocate and suffer heat exhaustion. If they dare to get out or even roll the window down, Israeli soldiers will shoot them dead.

In one case, Israeli soldiers refused to let a pregnant Palestinian woman through the checkpoint, even though she was about to have a baby. She was forced to have the baby at the checkpoint, and she died in childbirth.

The checkpoints are always extremely dangerous places for Palestinian people, places where racist Israeli soldiers will murder and cripple people for no reason at all — other than the Israelis’ hate-intoxicated insanity. A case in point is the incident where a young Israeli soldier amused himself by firing his rifle into the foot of a middle-aged Palestinian man, severing his foot and leaving him crippled for the rest of his life.

Today I saw a series of nightmarish photos on the Web, http://www.ummah.com/inewsletter/massacres/palestine/ photos of another Palestinian man, a balding, 50-year-old man sitting on the ground in agony, just after an arrogant young Israeli soldier shot his foot almost completely off.

The horror of these photos is hard to describe. This Palestinian man is human, like you or me. He is our brother. He looks like anyone who could live next door to you. And yet this unspeakable horror is happening to him, and somebody is taking pictures of him, and the whole world can see this horrible, bizarre, unspeakable experience that he is suffering. Our fellow human being is sitting on the ground in a dim, narrow alleyway somewhere in Palestine, holding up the bloody stump of his leg, his foot hanging down, as two Israeli soldiers approach. As they get closer we see they are completely unconcerned about the suffering of their victim, and in fact the nearest one has a look of arrogant satisfaction on his face.

There is a photo taken immediately next to the Palestinian man, looking down at him as he looks up into the camera with shock and agony on his face as he holds the stump of his leg. At last there is a photo taken from behind him, as he is lying on his side in the dirt, his hand supporting his head, and the Israeli soldiers have walked past him. The suffering on the face of the Palestinian man, the whole thing, the shocking immediacy of the cruel violence inflicted on our fellow human being, is unbearable. The photos don’t show what finally happened to him. Maybe the Israeli soldiers murdered him.

Israeli soldiers and “settlers” get to play God with the Palestinians, taking their lives on a whim, or perhaps sparing them if they feel like it, or maybe crippling them for life, just for their entertainment.

There is no safety for innocent people anywhere in the West Bank or Gaza. The Israeli Army is in the habit of firing missiles, shells and heavy-gauge ammo from tanks and from Apache and Cobra helicopter gunships into the Palestinian villages full of people. In July, 2002 the Israelis fired missiles from an F-16 jet into a crowded Gaza apartment building, violently murdering many Palestinian children. Beautiful, innocent little children with the faces of angels, who never did anything to hurt anybody.

Israeli airborne forces have also committed numerous assassinations of Palestinian leaders by firing missiles from helicopter gunships into buildings and homes, murdering everyone inside, including women and children. That’s how the Palestinian people are living, while we in America live with ease and pay our taxes to Uncle Sham so he can pay the Israelis to murder more children.

No amount of brutality can satisfy the bloodlust of the sadistic Israelis. Their appetite for bloodshed is endless, as long as the blood is not Jewish. The Israeli Army planted a mine in the sand near the Khan Yunis refugee camp in Gaza, along a route they knew Palestinian children walked to go to school. On November 21, 2001 five Palestinians boys walking to school were blown to bits by that Israeli mine. At first the Israeli “Defense” Forces denied responsibility for the mine, but later admitted they planted it after an investigation was threatened.

And who cares if the whole world knows? Israelis know the whole world is powerless to stop them — as long as the U.S. backs them up. The Israelis can rest assured that the American plutocracy, both Jewish and Gentile, is every bit as inhuman and racist as they are. Israelis can also rest assured that, thanks to the Zionist-controlled mass-media, millions of Americans are as politically ignorant and brainwashed as it’s possible to be, and will do absolutely nothing to stop the U.S. government from fully supporting Israel’s endless war crimes.

The day after the five boys were murdered by the Israeli mine, the people of Khan Yunis held a funeral for them. So, just for good measure, Israeli Army snipers shot the people at the funeral, murdering a 15-year-old boy and wounding six others.

This sort of gratuitous sadism is absolutely routine for Israelis. It’s just standard operating procedure for a hypocritical terrorist society gone mad with arrogant, homicidal racism.

The Jenin massacre

On April 3, 2002, the Israeli Army launched a massive military assault on the men, women and children of the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank, Palestine. For days on end the Israelis fired shells from tanks and missiles from Apache helicopter gunships into the houses of the densely populated camp, as Israeli snipers picked people off one by one, and Israeli soldiers went house to house, blowing people up, kicking in doors and machine-gunning everyone inside. When the slaughter was over, approximately 300 to 600 Palestinian people were dead. Men, women and children.

The exact number may never be known, because the Israelis made every effort to cover up their war crimes, literally. Using giant armored 60-ton bulldozers they tore down every house in the huge central area of the camp where most of the murders took place, burying some people alive, along with most of the corpses of those who were already dead.

There are reports that the Israelis also collected a large number of corpses and buried them in a mass grave, covering it up with the bulldozed rubble of the houses, and that they even loaded corpses into trucks and drove them away for burial, or cremation, in some hidden location. Whatever the case, the Israelis certainly don’t want the world to know the scale of the atrocities they committed in Jenin.

In an April 11, 2002 article for The Independent (London), Justin Huggler wrote:

Nahum Barnea, a well-known Israeli commentator, wrote in Yedioth Ahronoth yesterday: “A number of discussions were held on this disturbing issue by military officials. The general conclusion was that some way has to be found to move the bodies into Israel. If Israel does not find some way to give them a dignified burial, the bodies will bury Israel.”

Actually, Israel’s own monstrous evil will bury Israel, no matter how well they dispose of the bodies. That is guaranteed by the law of cause and effect. But Israeli war criminals did apparently find some way to “move the bodies into Israel”, and in the months since the massacre, Israeli authorities and their minions in the Zionist-controlled mass-media have been trying to bury the story as well — even going so far as to deny that a massacre took place at all. They say triumphantly that “only” about 52 bodies were recovered, half of whom (they claim) were armed militants. They actually admit, therefore, that at least 26 victims were innocent civilian men, women and children. And yet, by some feat of twisted logic, it doesn’t qualify as a massacre. End of story. Forget about it. Sweep it under the blood-soaked rug, along with all the other Israeli/Zionist massacres, war crimes, assassinations, torture and state terrorism — stretching back to the 1920s.

No word, as yet, on just how many bodies are required before a massacre can be officially acknowledged as such by the Lord High Executioners in the land of Zion. No doubt the sky’s the limit, where Palestinian corpses are concerned.

Details of the massacre

The Israeli Army’s war-criminal assault on the people of Jenin lasted for 12 unspeakably horrible days and nights, during which Israeli soldiers shot at all ambulances that attempted to pick up the growing numbers of dead and wounded people. Not one person could be rescued in all that time. Those who were injured — civilian men, women and children — were left to die of their wounds, bleeding to death slowly where they fell if they were outside, within range of Israeli snipers. Anyone who attempted to carry the wounded person off the street was also shot by the snipers. In some cases Israeli tanks ran over the wounded people as they lay helplessly on the street — just to send a message. Letting the Palestinians know, in no uncertain terms, just what kind of creatures “The Chosen People” truly are.

If the wounded Palestinian people were lucky enough to be shot or hit by shrapnel while inside a building, out of reach of the tanks and snipers, they died among their grieving family members. In many cases people had to stay inside buildings for many days with the rotting corpses of their loved ones, because if they went outside the Israeli soldiers would shoot them.

When an Israeli attack helicopter fired a round through the wall of one house, it hit a 17-year-old Palestinian young man in the chest and ripped out of his back. His mother and brother were with him, and they called for an ambulance. When it arrived, Israeli soldiers shot at it, forcing it to go back. The young man was slowly bleeding to death, and by 10 o’clock that night his mother could stand it no longer. She ran out into the street screaming for help, and the Israeli soldiers shot her in the head.

Somehow somebody managed to get her body off the street without getting shot themselves, and her son had to spend the next two days and nights with the dead bodies of his mother and brother. This kind of thing happened to many people in the Jenin refugee camp.

Early in the morning on April 3, the first day of the assault, Israeli soldiers firing from within an occupied house shot a young Palestinian man in the leg as he stood at the front gate of his house. He fell and began screaming in pain, and when he tried to stand up and run back inside they shot him in the abdomen and chest. A Palestinian nurse and her sister in a nearby house heard his screams and ran out to try and help him. The Israeli soldiers shot the sister in the leg, and shot the nurse in the abdomen. Before the two women could drag themselves back to their house, Israeli soldiers shot the sister in the other leg, and murdered the nurse with a bullet through the heart.

On the evening of April 3, two old Palestinian men, one 85-years-old and the other 72, were sitting in a house when Israeli soldiers shot the door off and burst inside, shooting the 85-year-old man dead. The Israelis then pushed the 72-year-old man at gunpoint through the house as they searched it. Finding nobody else, they tied him to a chair with plastic tape and left him there for ten hours. The next morning they cut him loose and used the 72-year-old man as a human shield as they went from house to house looking for more people to kill.

Israeli soldiers often used Palestinian people as human shields. In one case the soldiers rested their rifles on the shoulders of a Palestinian man and his 14-year-old son and fired into the houses of other people.

On April 5, an Israeli sniper shot a 44-year-old Palestinian man as he stood in an upstairs room of his home. He was the father of four children, one of whom was dead, the young man who was murdered along with the nurse on April 3. The 44-year-old man’s wife and three remaining children heard him call for help after he was shot, and they all ran up to the room and saw him collapse, a gunshot wound to his head. The wife screamed outside for someone to call an ambulance, but when it arrived the Israeli soldiers shot at it, preventing the crew from rescuing the man. He died within an hour.

On the afternoon of April 5, Israeli soldiers attached a bomb to a Palestinian house, then called on the people inside to come to the door. When a woman opened the door the bomb exploded, killing her. While her sisters and others screamed in futility for an ambulance, the Israeli soldiers were laughing because the bloody face of the woman they’d just murdered was horribly disfigured by the blast.

On April 6, a 37-year-old disabled Palestinian man was in his house when an Israeli soldier in a huge armored bulldozer began to destroy it. The disabled man had been unable all his life to speak, eat or move without help, and his mother and sister ran outside and begged the soldier to stop just long enough for them to get the helpless man out. The Israeli soldier called them “bitches” and bulldozed the house down on top of the disabled man, burying him alive. His mother and sister were unable to find him in the next few days. His dead body was finally recovered from the rubble, fifteen days later.

On April 10, a 57-year old Palestinian man who was confined to a wheelchair was rolling down a road in the refugee camp when he came upon an Israeli tank. The Israelis shot him, and then just for good measure they ran over him with their tank, crushing him and his wheelchair flat.

All during the massacre at the Jenin refugee camp, the Israelis kept the entire city of Jenin, which is next to the camp, under complete curfew for eight days. On the morning of April 11, the Israelis told the people of Jenin city that the curfew would be lifted for a few hours, allowing them to get food. Two Palestinian boys, aged 8 and 14, were walking with a group of Palestinian women to a nearby grocery store when they saw an Israeli tank in the middle of a road about 220 feet away. The tank turned toward the group and without warning began to fire. The 14-year-old boy was hit, and he died on the street. The 8-year-old boy and the women survived and carried their friend’s body to a car.

During the first week of the Jenin massacre there was a sporadic but determined resistance from the relatively small number of Palestinian fighters who were there. They were truly courageous men, armed with nothing but rifles and small explosives, totally outnumbered and outgunned, fighting a powerful military armed with tanks and helicopter gunships and all the latest technology, paid for by American taxpayers. The Palestinian fighters were rightfully defending themselves, their families, their wives and children, their mothers, fathers and grandparents against the murderous, criminal assault by the viciously racist Israeli state terrorists.

On April 9, the Palestinian fighters managed to ambush a group of the Israeli war criminals, killing 13 of them. Predictably, after the ambush the stinking Israeli soldiers became even more brutal than before, killing anybody and everybody they could get in their sights. The helpless Palestinian man in the wheelchair was shot and run over by the Israeli tank the next day, no doubt for revenge.

Covering up Israeli war crimes

All during the massacre, the Israelis who were driving massive, 60-ton, armored bulldozers had been busily tearing down houses and burying people alive. After April 9, however, they went into overdrive. One civilian Israeli bulldozer operator named Moshe Nissim was particularly maniacal. Using the alias “Kurdi Bear” for communications with Israeli soldiers, he drank bottle after bottle of whiskey as he destroyed house after house in the terrorized refugee camp. Protected by the might of the Israeli Army, fueled by his “liquid courage” and possessed by something vile, the Israeli nut case worked for 75 straight hours, night and day, ripping walls out, crushing houses down and burying Palestinian people alive — people who knew they’d be shot dead by Israeli soldiers if they tried to escape their houses.

Afterwards, Moshe Nissim was so pleased with himself that he wrote an article for Yediot Aharonot, an Israeli newspaper, in which he boasted of his heroic exploits. Freely admitting that he had brought an ample supply of booze to fortify himself for the task, he nevertheless insisted that he saw no people underneath his bulldozer blade. Obviously however, considering what a hallucinatory state he must have been in, drinking bottles of whiskey and going without sleep for 75 hours, it’s not likely he would have found it easy to distinguish a human being from the broken rubble and clouds of dust, nor heard their desperate screams over the roar of the giant bulldozer engine. In an attempt to portray himself as a fine and righteous, moral human being, however, he claimed that he “felt sorry” for Palestinian children. And yet he admitted quite openly that he “had no mercy” for any of their parents he might have buried alive.

Moshe Nissim wrote further:

“Even a pregnant woman — shoot her without mercy, if she has a terrorist behind her. This is the way I thought in Jenin.”

This is the way most Israeli soldiers think, not just this drunken hypocrite.

In the end, the hate-and-alcohol-intoxicated Israeli psychopath flattened so many Palestinian houses that there was a huge, completely devastated area in the center of the refugee camp. Far from having any shame, Moshe Nissim says he gave a “gift” to the Palestinians, because now they have a nice, big, open “football field” in which to play.


When the psychopathic bulldozer operators left and the bestial Israeli soldiers were finally finished with their sadistic slaughter, they strutted proudly out of the hell-realm they had created, grinning and waving victory salutes, telling each other what brave heroes they all were. Naturally Ariel Sharon was proud of his fellow baby-killers, and he praised “our wonderful soldiers” for the great job they did.

Israeli tanks finally withdrew from the suffering camp, but they kept it surrounded, and entertained themselves through the long dull hours of guard duty by firing occasional rounds at people who tried to return to their destroyed houses, searching for survivors. Also from safe distances, equally cowardly Israeli snipers shot at Palestinian people who were desperately digging with their bare hands through the massive piles of twisted, broken rubble in hopes of finding their loved ones still alive.

When relief workers were finally allowed by the Israelis to enter the devastated camp, they were shaken by what they found. Corpses were lying all over the place, crawling with flies and worms, and the smell of rotting human flesh was everywhere. Particularly around and upon the mounds of bulldozed houses, people could smell the decaying corpses in the rubble below their feet.

Terje Roed-Larsen, the UN special envoy, said:

“We have expert people here who have been in war zones and earthquakes, and they say they have never seen anything like it. It is horrifying beyond belief.”

The Jenin refugee camp was home to 13,000 people, most of whom were refugees (and the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of refugees) from the Haifa area — from which they fled Israeli terrorism in 1948.

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Human Rights Watch report excerpts

Israeli “settlers” and Zionist Lebensraum

Over three million terrorized Palestinian people are confined to only 17 percent of the land of the occupied territories. The rest is occupied by 400,000 Israeli “settlers” who get the best land and most of the water. These murderous, racist thugs live in about 200 fortified settlements connected by 212 miles (340 km) of bypass roads with buffer zones on either side, designed to break up the West Bank and Gaza into little disconnected parcels.

For thirty years Ariel Sharon and his Jewish Mafia colleagues have encouraged Israelis and Jewish-American Zionists to invade the West Bank and Gaza to steal yet more Palestinian land. The “settlers” are essential players in the drive for Greater Israel. Just as the Nazis looked to the east with their doctrine of “Lebensraum”, so do the racists in Tel Aviv look to the east to devour the West Bank into “Eretz Israel”. By populating the West Bank and Gaza with as many violent Israelis as possible, they hope to terrorize and impoverish the remaining Palestinian people to the point where they will give up their ancient homeland and flee to the desert nation of Jordan, where millions of Palestinian refugees have already fled since 1948.

The Israeli invaders of the West Bank and Gaza call themselves “settlers” as a propaganda ploy. Israelis are trying to make Americans equate these vicious thugs with the American pioneers and settlers of the 19th century. These Zionist “settlers” are the most ruthless and racist murderers in Israeli society. Some of them are actually American citizens, often from New York City, who have immigrated to Israel and have dual U.S./Israeli citizenship. “Settlers” from the U.S. frequently lead the armed bands that roam the occupied territories, murdering and terrorizing Palestinian people with total impunity. Many of these “settlers” live in newly-built, hilltop fortresses above the ancient Palestinian villages. From these fortresses they fire at will down on the unarmed Palestinian people below.

Israeli “settlers” operate as the unofficial paramilitary arm of the Israeli military, freely terrorizing the Palestinian people with absolute impunity. They have even shot Palestinians in the West Bank who were trying to harvest their olive crops. The “settlers” are free to beat, torture and murder Palestinian people virtually at will.

Destroying the Palestinian economy and infrastructure

In addition to murdering people in cold blood, the Israelis are extensively targeting infrastructure, with the intention of destroying the Palestinian economy to the maximum extent. Under such guises as “protecting Israeli settlers”, “destroying sniper hiding places” or “retaliation”, Israeli helicopter gunships have fired missiles into Gaza TV studios, factories, police stations, administrative centers and office suites, destroying them all and murdering anybody who happened to be inside.

A UN report has stated that in the first six weeks alone of the Israeli assault, Israeli attacks resulted in the partial or total destruction of 431 private homes, 13 public buildings, 10 factories and 14 mosques. Over 3 years later, many hundreds more homes and buildings have been bulldozed and bombed by the Israelis.

Israeli “Defense” Forces have also bulldozed fields of eucalyptus trees, at least 200,000 olive trees, citrus fruit orchards and greenhouses — all for the express purpose of destroying any possibility of an economically independent Palestinian state.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reports that Israeli bulldozers destroyed about 600 acres of agricultural land in the Gaza Strip alone. This Israeli “bomb and destroy” campaign targets the people and infrastructure of both the West Bank and Gaza. As a typical example, in mid-November 2000, Israeli forces, firing missiles from U.S.-supplied Cobra helicopter gunships, bombed and strafed the West Bank town of Beit Jala, hitting a local factory hardest.

The border closures, curfews, blockades and all the Israeli state terrorism since September 2000 have destroyed the Palestinian economy. Food has become scarce and many people have been close to starvation. The Israelis have even cut off water supplies to as many Palestinian villages as possible.

A one-sided slaughter

As the extension of America into the Middle East, the racist Israelis are slaughtering the Palestinian people. And the mainstream, Zionist-controlled mass-media are lying about it, as always. It is not anything even remotely like a battle between “equal forces.” It is a cruel, bloody, one-sided slaughter.

A small Palestinian boy standing before a huge Israeli tank and throwing a rock at it.
photo by Laurent Rebours

$$   Your tax dollars at work   $$
This Palestinian boy’s name was Farris Ode.
An Israeli sniper shot him dead on November 8, 2000.
May God rest his brave soul in peace, forever

Using American tax dollars, the Israelis have purchased all the latest weapons of mass-murder. Israeli “Defense” Forces are murdering children, using state-of-the-art Merkava-3 tanks which fire 120mm shells and high-caliber bullets into crowded villages and refugee camps. Israelis have assault rifles, Uzi machine-guns, Depleted Uranium shells, CS gas, tear gas, gigantic armored “D9” bulldozers, gunboats, high-tech satellite communications equipment, computers, reconnaissance planes, snipers, grenades, and missiles fired from American-made Apache and Cobra helicopter gunships and American-made F-16 jets.

And as if all that weren’t enough, the murderous Israelis also have numerous nuclear bombs, including three submarines with nuclear missiles — all paid for by American taxpayers.

The Palestinian people have rocks.

A very few of the most desperate, despairing people become suicide bombers. Palestinian Authority police forces and militia groups have a few small-caliber arms, but 99% of the Palestinian people have nothing, unless they want to hurl a rock. Imagine throwing rocks at a tank! But Israeli soldiers and “settlers” are so full of racist hatred, and so afraid of even little Palestinian boys with rocks, that they have to murder them in cold blood. The racist Israelis are fearful because they know in their guts (if not in their twisted minds) that the whole Palestinian people have something more powerful than all the tanks and helicopter gunships in the world — a righteous and incredibly heroic determination to be free, and the sympathy of all decent people in the world.

The average Palestinian person has something that no evil Israeli soldier, “settler” or politician will ever have: courageous humanity.

Israeli state terrorism:
another act of cold-blooded murder

It was all captured by a French TV 2 film crew. This is one atrocity, at least, the Israelis cannot cover up.

Israeli soldiers initiated an assault on Palestinian people near Netzarim in the Gaza on September 30. Backed by helicopter gunships and tanks, Israeli soldiers and snipers were firing at unarmed Palestinian civilian people, as usual. A small number of Palestinian National Security Forces tried to defend their people, but they were totally outgunned and they stopped firing back after the first five minutes. Even so, the Israelis continued to fire at anything that moved in the entire area for at least another 45 minutes.

A Palestinian boy and his father happened to be in the area when the shooting started. They couldn’t escape from the Israeli gunfire and sought shelter from bullets next to the concrete structure by the wall. The father called out desperately to the Israeli soldiers, frantically waving his arms and pleading with the Israelis to spare his boy.

Photo shows a young Palestinian boy crying in terror as he huddles against his father, as both press against a wall next to a cement structure protruding from the wall. The father is waving to somebody and looking around the edge of the cement structure as he calls out.

The Israeli response was to shoot the boy in the leg. Everyone in the area could easily hear the boy’s cries of pain and terror and his father’s frantic pleas, but the Israelis continued firing at them anyway. The horrible ordeal dragged on for 45 minutes.

The boy appears to be grimacing in pain and the father is now facing the viewer and shouting something and putting his arm protectively over his little son.

The father is looking around the edge of the cement structure again as the boy looks at the viewer, crying in anguish.

Finally the Israeli soldiers succeeded in murdering the boy.

The boy lies dead at his father’s feet as his father, also shot, leans back against the wall in unconsciousness.

Israeli snipers shot the boy through the heart. His body was hit with four Israeli bullets altogether. He died in his father’s arms. Israeli soldiers even murdered an ambulance driver who tried to rescue them. The father also was hit with several bullets but reportedly didn’t die immediately and was finally taken to a Palestinian hospital.

The 12-year-old boy’s name was Mohammed Jamal Al-Durreh. May God bless him and rest his soul in peace forever.

This was no “accident” as the ever-lying, corporate mass-media predictably claim. The boy was not killed in a “crossfire.” For 45 minutes it was exclusively Israelis who were doing all the shooting. The racist Israeli soldiers knew exactly what they were doing. They were murdering Palestinians in cold blood. That’s what they are paid and trained to do. Racist Israeli soldiers and so-called “settlers” have been murdering Palestinians in cold blood since 1948.

Evil Israeli soldiers, police and “settlers” are, in spirit, Jewish Nazis.

Photo shows an Israeli soldier and policeman manhandling a small Palestinian boy who looks around 10-12 years of age.  The boy is crying and screaming in fright, directly facing the viewer, about 7 to 10 feet away. Behind him the Israeli policeman is gripping the boy’s shirt tightly and marching him forward, and the Israeli pig has a very cruel, tight look on his ugly face as he clenches his teeth and looks down at the boy with cold hatred. Next to the Israeli pig is an Israeli soldier wearing sunglasses and a green beret, and his mouth is wide open in the midst of screaming some hateful thing at the crying boy. His hands are out of sight behind the boy, but the soldier’s aggressive stance - legs spread apart, torso leaning toward the boy, taut muscles in the visible portion of his forearm - suggests he is doing something aggressive, perhaps jabbing his gun in the boy’s back or shoving or hitting him.

Photo shows a helmeted Israeli soldier with a pudgy, boyish, pink face who smiles and holds his hand up to block the camera. Behind him another helmeted Israeli soldier carrying a rifle has his arm in a choke-hold around the neck of a Palestinian boy of about 12 years of age, forcing him to walk somewhere to the right of the viewer.
Oops! I mean, point that camera somewhere else!
We don’t want the world to see
how much we Israeli “Defense” Force heroes enjoy
beating up and murdering little boys!

Palestine, 2000 A double photo - on the left side is the Palestinian boy who was murdered by Israeli soldiers as described above, huddling next to his father by the wall.  Above this image is written ’Palestine, 2000’.  On the right side is the famous photo of the little Jewish boy in the Warsaw ghetto, with his arms held above his head as a crowd of German soldiers looks on. Below this image is written ’Warsaw, 1943’.  Separating the two sides of this double photo is a strand of red barbed wire. Warsaw, 1943

“Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity.”

— George Bernard Shaw

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Justice for the Victims of Sabra & Shatila

“IndictSharon.net is the website of the International Campaign for Justice for the Victims of Sabra & Shatila, offering news on the case lodged in Belgium against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other Israelis and Lebanese responsible for the massacre, killing, rape and disappearance of civilians that took place in Beirut between 16 and 18 September 1982 in the camps of Sabra and Shatila and the surrounding area.”

International Press Center - Palestine

“Since the outbreak of Al Aqsa Intifada in September 2000 as a result of the Israeli aggression, and given the importance of media in providing information regarding the Palestinian cause, the International Press Center (IPC) launched a new bilingual website (Arabic and English) that provides news, reports, commentaries, testimonies, photos and films focusing on the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.”

MER - Mid East Realities

“MER’s purpose is to distill and present the most incisive and honest, the most insightful and independent, information and analysis about what is really going on in today’s Middle East as well as in Washington about the Middle East.”

INFOPAL — The Independent Palestinian Information Network
News Updates from Palestine


Includes a List of Children Martyrs, as well as news updates from AFP, Reuters/AP and UPI.

Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace

Media-censored information and photos documenting the efforts of private American citizens to protect the Palestinian people and protest Israeli state terrorism — within Israel itself.

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

“The Centre is an independent Palestinian Human Rights Organization based in Gaza City.”

This site contains detailed and up-to-date information, including:

Palestine Daily
daily news and current events

A great deal of news and information, with related links and sections on Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as Palestine and the Middle East in general.

Resources about Palestine

“A collection of talks, interviews and other materials to help broaden your knowledge of the Palestine issue.” Includes video and audio interviews with Palestinian people and peace workers.

Israeli Aggression, Militarism, and Terror

Excerpts from several books dealing with Israeli state terrorism:

Palestine Section : Massacres that world conscience ignored, savagery that surpasses nazis

Horrifying photographs of Israeli atrocities. Israeli soldiers truly are Jewish Nazis. You will have no doubt about it when you actually see what they have done to people.

Boycott Israel Campaign

“People of good conscience have chosen to boycott israeli products and companies supporting the zionist entity. ... We have carried out extensive research to identify the guilty companies. All our findings are provided here.”

Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now


“SUSTAIN is a non-hierarchical, grassroots organization committed to supporting and sustaining the Palestinian movement for justice, human rights and self-determination.

“The United States government supports Israeli violations of Palestinian national and human rights militarily, economically, and ideologically. The most tangible form of this support is the massive tax-funded aid that goes to Israel. We are committed to building a campaign against US military and economic aid to Israel so that US tax-dollars do not support the abuse of human rights.”

End Military Ties to Israel


“DukeDivest is a group of concerned students, faculty, staff and alumni calling upon Duke University to end all military ties to the state of Israel. This requires Duke to DIVEST from companies that do military business with Israel.

“We understand the enormous role the United States plays in this conflict, providing diplomatic, military, and financial support to Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian lands. We recognize our responsibility as members of the university community to use our influence to promote a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians. Standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination, we believe that divestment is an effective means of non-violent resistance that can pressure the Israeli government to comply with international law.”

The Zionist Terror Network (online book)

“This booklet documents the background and criminal activities of Jewish Zionist terrorist groups, and especially the Jewish Defense League. Particular emphasis is given here to terror — including murder — against ‘thought criminals’ who question the Holocaust story that six million Jews were systematically killed during the Second World War.

“Zionist terrorists openly proclaim an arrogant Jewish-supremacist ideology and acknowledge their readiness to use violence against those who disagree with them. With a well-documented record of bigotry and crime, they pose a serious danger to our society, and to men and women everywhere who treasure freedom.”

Jews and the White Slave Trade
by Dr. William Pierce

“I don’t mean to imply that the Jews were the only ones at fault in the White slave trade. Gentile politicians and police officials gladly accepted bribes from the Jews and in return allowed them to carry on their dirty business. And in the United States non-Jewish criminal elements such as the [Italian/Sicilian] Mafia collaborated with the Jews or even ran their own White slave operations. But the trade in White slaves from eastern Europe has been an exclusively Jewish activity for the last 200 years.”

“...tens of thousands of pretty but naive young Russian and Ukrainian women are being swept up by the Jewish gangs — called ‘Russian’ gangs by the New York Times — and shipped off to a life of misery and degradation in Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand, and Israel, as well as to countries in Western Europe, where Jews also control organized crime. The young women, unable to find work in Russia or Ukraine or Poland and facing a bleak future in countries ravaged by decades of communism, are eager for any chance at a better life. They respond to advertisements that offer them work abroad as receptionists or secretaries and also promise free training and transportation. When the girls arrive at their destinations, however, they find something quite different — but by then it is too late. ...

“The White slave trade is big business in Israel. Ukrainian authorities estimate that as many as 40,000 Ukrainian women under the age of 30 are taken from Ukraine each year. Some of these women respond to advertisements promising employment abroad, like Irina did, and some are simply kidnapped and smuggled out of the country. Those who try to escape from their Jewish captors are treated brutally. Often they are butchered in front of other captive women to keep the others terrified into doing whatever they are told.”

Return of the Terrorist:
The Crimes of Ariel Sharon


“Sharon’s history offers a monochromatic record of moral corruption, with a documented record of war crimes going back to the early 1950s.”

“In 1953 he was given command of Unit 101, whose....purpose was that of instilling terror by the infliction of discriminate, murderous violence not only on able bodied fighters but on the young, the old, the helpless.”

Human rights groups condemn Israel for assassinations and indiscriminate killing

“On December 31, IDF [Israeli Defense Force] fire in the Haret al-Sheikh neighbourhood of Hebron injured 18-year-old Arit al-Qawasma in the right shoulder and face while she was in her bedroom. As she was being evacuated from the house, IDF fire killed 11-year-old Muath Abu Hadwan and wounded another boy. The IDF also shot 13-year-old Abir Salameh in the stomach as she went to feed her chickens.”

International condemnation of Israeli settlements dominates events in Middle East

“In a major escalation of the conflict, Israel used F-16 warplanes for the first time to strike at targets in the West Bank and Gaza, killing at least nine people and injuring 90. Eight people were killed and 54 wounded in an attack on a Palestinian police outpost in the West Bank town of Nablus. Another person died and 14 were injured when Israeli missiles hit a building in Ramallah housing members of the Palestinian presidential security force. More than 20 were injured in further air strikes on the Gaza Strip.”

“Israeli forces moved into an area near the Gush Katif settlement and took over a multi-storey building, while bulldozers protected by tanks went into the town of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza and uprooted fruit trees.”


An International Action Center page with links to a good collection of informative articles on the brutal tactics of Israeli state terrorism, Israeli use of Depleted Uranium weapons, the political realities of the Al Aqsa Intifada, a related article by Mumia Abu-Jamal, and reports from the October/November 2000 IAC Fact Finding Mission To Palestine.

Al-Aqsa Intifada
The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network

Includes reports such as:

Addameer logo
Addameer — Human Rights Association

“ADDAMEER (conscience) Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association is a Palestinian non-governmental, civil institution which focuses on human rights issues. ...offering support for Palestinian prisoners, advocating the rights of political prisoners, and working to end torture through monitoring, legal procedures and solidarity campaigns.”

Addameer’s September 2000 Clashes Information Center provides information on Israeli state terrorism, personal testimonies, press releases, a list of martyrs, a picture gallery, links, opinion and analysis.

The Palestinian Information Center

A comprehensive site that features the latest news and analysis of events in Palestine, together with a history, bibliography, photos and editorial cartoons.

Welcome to Palestine - Land, People and Culture

ribbon in the design of the Palestinian flag, with the black, white and green stripes and red triangle.

“Palestine-Net is an independent private effort to gather and organize as much as possible information about Palestine: Land, people, history, politics, economy, education, culture, travel and tourism.. you name it. We also hope to increase awareness among Palestinians around the globe and help them network and make use of the Internet potential (since, in this digital world, so far, we are all equal).”

Omayya Homepage

Political cartoons from skilled Palestinian artist Omayya Joha, who has been working as a caricaturist for Al-Quds daily newspaper since September 1999.


“There are in fact many Jewish movements, groups and organizations whose ideology regarding Zionism and the so-called ‘State of Israel’ is that of the unadulterated Torah position that any form of Zionism is heresy and that the existence of the so-called ‘State of Israel’ is illegitimate.”

Neturei Karta - Jews United Against Zionism

“In addition to condemning the central heresy of Zionism, we also reject its policy of aggression against all peoples. Today this cruelty manifests itself primarily in the brutal treatment of the Palestinian people. We proclaim that this inhuman policy is in violation of the Torah.

“NKI seeks peace and reconciliation with all peoples and nations. This is especially needed in our relations towards the Islamic world where Zionism has for 53 years done so much to ruin Jewish - Muslim understanding.

“We welcome the assistance of all men of good will and stand ready to assist all whose agenda coincides with ours.”

Gush Shalom - Israeli Peace Bloc

“Gush Shalom...means ‘The Peace Bloc’. ... The primary aim of Gush Shalom is to influence Israeli public opinion and lead it towards peace and conciliation with the Palestinian people...”

Zionism and Israeli Apartheid

“There is no such thing as a Palestinian people... It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn’t exist.”

— Golda Meir
Delusional Israeli Prime Minister
Statement to The Sunday Times
June 15, 1969

Zionism’s legacy of ethnic cleansing
Part 1: Israel and the Palestinian right of return


“While many Palestinians fled to avoid the war [of 1948], most left out of fear of what might happen to them at the hands of Zionist terrorists. One of the most notorious incidents was the Deir Yassin massacre where 250 men, women and children were murdered in cold blood by Menachem Begin’s Irgun group, as it went from house to house to drive out the Palestinians.”

Zionism’s legacy of ethnic cleansing
Part 2: Israeli expansion creates more Palestinian refugees


“The tragic irony of the Zionist solution to the oppression of the Jewish people — traditionally and historically connected with a struggle for tolerance and freedom — has been the brutal suppression of another oppressed people [the Palestinians]. In consequence, the right-wing forces cultivated by the Zionist state now threaten to reproduce within Israel the same conditions of dictatorship and civil war from which an earlier generation of Jews fled.”

WSWS : News & Analysis : Israel and Palestine

This is the index page for an extensive collection of news articles and high-quality analysis. The articles deal with both the brutal Israeli terrorism and oppression of the Palestinian people, and the internal condition of Jewish Israeli society itself.

Israeli provocation against Palestinians ignites a social powder keg

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