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America’s Autopsy Report

illustrated bookcover shows a skeleton wearing an Uncle Sam tophat, while sitting on a coffin which is draped with an American flag. The Uncle Sam skeleton is grinning as it holds a bomb in its hand.

America’s Autopsy Report:
The Internet Essays Of John Kaminski

Dandelion Books, 2003; ISBN 1-893302-42-3


The false fabric of history is unraveling beneath an avalanche of pathological lies to justify endless war and Orwellian new laws that revoke the rights of all Americans. While TV and newspapers glorify the dangerous ideas of perverted billionaires, the Internet has pulsated with outrage and provided a new and real forum for freedom among concerned people all over the world who are opposed to the mass murder and criminal exploitation of the defenseless victims of multinational corporate totalitarianism.

Bold new writers have stepped forward to challenge those lies. Prominent among them is John Kaminski, whose passionate essays have sprung up like mushrooms all across the World Wide Web. Kaminski gives voice to those same hopes and fears of humane people that are ignored by the big business shysters who rule the major media.

“If we let them get away with their lies, we’re goners,” Kaminski rages. Thousands of people are listening, and cheering. Over the last decade, a growing legion of fans has recognized the outraged rhetoric of John Kaminski to be a reliable chronicle of government hypocrisy containing realistic suggestions about how to derail the war machine. A newspaper editor for 30 years, Kaminski’s current essays appear on hundreds of websites throughout the world, and are passed around informally among thousands of readers. All these people share his goal: genuine freedom for all people, and jail for the greedy goons who attempt to enslave us.

Mainstream media are hopelessly poisoned by big business billionaires who cover up the truth for profit. So-called alternative media are often subtly manipulated by the CIA and foreign powers, yet hoodwink many into thinking they’re fighting for freedom when they really aren’t. But millions of Internet readers around the world have come to learn that John Kaminski’s incisive essays provide information and conclusions that can’t be found in high-priced publications or on hip websites.

Now comes a collection of columns that have circled the globe in cyberspace and elicited thankful praise from Pakistan to New Zealand and most places in between, columns that clearly demonstrate the criminals are in charge and must be stopped by the people.


“John Kaminski’s America’s Autopsy Report is a searing — and riveting — tour de force of the essential issues most people probably would never know about if not for the Internet. Kaminski’s brilliant reportage and commentary are among the most popular features posted on rense.com. Whether he’s pouring out cogent summations (‘well-coiffed media harlots’) or laying the sorry truth on the table (‘We’re as stupid as they think’), John Kaminski is a writer whose time has come.”

— Jeff Rense
The Rense Program

“John Kaminski tells it like it is. His writings are brave, bold and to those who can really ‘see,’ as truthful as it gets. John is fearless in exposing the coup in America and the dastardly consequences for all life on Earth under the illegal regime we find ourselves in America. I highly recommend taking the time to read and absorb this book cover to cover.”

— Meria Heller
The Meria Heller Show, #1 talk show on the net
author of The Awakening of An American:
How My Country Broke My Heart

“In a voice almost too bold to contemplate, John Kaminski turns our attention toward the unspeakable: religious bigotry, vile stupidity in high places, and a bottomless pit of hatred in the world. Reading his essays will spin your head; you will be turned on a dime to his way of thinking.”

— Joan d’Arc
Paranoia magazine

“Kaminski’s insights are not just for these times ... but for those future generations who might smell a rat somewhere and need some help to figure out where the stench is coming from.”

— Gary G. Kohls, MD
Every Church A Peace Church

“Like Noam Chomsky, [Kaminski] should be considered a national treasure among those who still hold out hope of resurrecting the heart & soul of America from the greasy clutches of the cryptocracy.”

— B.Z. Botani
MetaMagic Media, Hawai’i

About the Author

John Kaminski is a veteran of thirty years in the newspaper business who now finds himself unemployable by most papers because of both what they have become and what he has become.

With the ascent of corporate chains, independent thought has been eliminated from most newspapers as their priority has changed from reporting the news to selling products by exploiting commercial stereotypes.

After three decades of seeing the same old tired formulas twist real news into the partisan pap of profit-oriented publishers, Kaminski learned the mainstream media were not to be trusted under any circumstances. They had ceased to be the vehicles that journalists aspired to work for, and instead had turned into something evil, a part of someone’s greater mind-control conspiracy, where the actual truth about many events is simply not allowed.

It is this sense of profound mistrust and skepticism of the official version of events that Kaminski has tapped into and won a large and appreciative audience with his Internet essays on a variety of websites throughout the world.

This selection of 27 essays is culled from the 54 he has written during the past year and upholds what he hopes are the finest traditions of journalism worldwide: speak truth to power and its terror will one day be unraveled.

Longtime followers of his work will see these commentaries as merely a continuation of his earlier efforts, for which he led a previously unremarkable New Hampshire entertainment weekly to an Utne Reader award nomination. This was followed by his own publication, The New England Pilgrim, the first publication anywhere to point out that the U.S. government was intimately involved with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and that sanctions against Iraq were a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Both of these, and so many other things, are items which are virtually unknown to the general public, and it is to these matters and others like them that Kaminski devotes his attention, for the betterment of his fellow lifeforms, rather than the exploitation of them.

Excerpts from America’s Autopsy Report:


What follows is a kind of diary of the year 2002 by an aging American male who was profoundly affected by the horror of the events of September 11, 2001. The straightforward nature of the tragedy — mass death and mourning — was not what had the profound effect. Because fifteen minutes after the attacks happened, I knew this was no straightforward event. I knew that thousands of American lives had been preposterously sacrificed on the evil altar of political intrigue.

Those people who jumped from the tops of skyscrapers or were buried under thousands of tons of cement were not victims of an assault by foreign terrorists; they were collateral damage garbage of the aspirations of men whom we have seen on television, who speak words of utter contempt disguised as concern for their fellow humans, and whose day of reckoning is coming in the seismic revelations of future history.

These commentaries were written for and published on a group of courageous websites, notably rense.com, scoop.co.nz in New Zealand, and bluegreenearth.com in Ireland. Many also have appeared on the American Patriot Friends Network, paranoia.com, serendipity.com, flybynews.com, Lewis News, Online Journal, questionsquestions.com, What Really Happened, various Indymedia sites, Information Clearinghouse, Censor This 1, democrats.com, unknownnews.net, viewzone.com, falloutshelternews.com, propagandamatrix.com, Retort Magazine, Ellis C. Taylor’s Looking into the Dark Places, the Baltimore Chronicle, CCW on Target, the Hamiltonian, Global Circle Net, radicalpress.com, libertypost.net and whoseflorida.com, as well as print media Paranoia magazine, The Idaho Observer, Z magazine and the Country Chronical of Enfield, NH.

Special thanks to Jeff Rense, David Marvasti of timewedo.com, and David Cogswell of headblast.com for running my essays in special groupings.

These essays were also written for numerous friends on the Internet, without whose appreciation and love I would not have been inspired to continue writing them.

John Kaminski
Englewood, Florida, USA
February 2003

1. No one is safe from
America’s killer president

Now, no one is safe from America’s killer president.

The Senate’s passage of the ludicrously misnamed Homeland Security bill is easily the biggest bad joke in American history, because in declaring war on all peoples of the world — including its own citizens — it presages a new Dark Age in world history, one in which the United States may annihilate any other country for any reason it concocts, or for no reason at all. The bill is ludicrously misnamed because nothing in this nation’s history has ever jeopardized its citizens’ security to this degree.

Most tragic of all, however, is the complete destruction of that beacon of hope for the whole world for two centuries, the U.S. Constitution. Completely gone are the right to a fair trial, the right to be safe in one’s home, the right to confront one’s accuser, the right to legal representation and the right to be recognized as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Now, America simply kills mere suspects from the air with unmanned planes, or throws them into jail without possibility of trial, arbitrarily decreed guilty by biased political functionaries and executed with no chance to prove one’s innocence. And further, Attorney General John Ashcroft plans further incursions into America’s privacy by placing new restrictions on Internet and phone communications.

Though surely few in Congress realize it yet, America’s legislators essentially voted themselves out of existence by passing the bill, because now the majority of governmental security functions are lumped together under the arbitrary aegis of Homeland Security, by-passing Congress with its decision-making controlled directly by the president and his unconfirmed henchman, the director of Homeland Security.

Congress, as it has been for many years, is now merely window-dressing for the criminal charades of the dictator, which is exactly what happened to the Roman republic all those long years ago.

Congress has approved the mass killing of many American citizens by passing the Homeland Security by shamefully wide margins in both the House and the Senate. A minor provision in the legislation gives absolute authority to nonmedical administrative personnel to mandate dangerous, untested vaccinations on all American citizens.

Since so many American military personnel died from receiving untested and mysterious vaccinations prior to the first Gulf War, and since vaccine stores presumably to be used in mass vaccinations are either out-of-date or untested, many fatalities are expected from these dangerous inoculations. Most conscientious doctors have advocated refusing the shots, but the legislation provides for arrest (and possible confiscation of property) of those refusing to accept “legally” ordered vaccinations.

Adding a provision that protects manufacturers of the ingredients from malpractice lawsuits in the event of death or infirmity is another sardonic insult included in the legislation. And investigating the real owners of the companies who are about to foist these injurious substances on ignorant Americans reveals them to be insiders of the highest echelon, some with direct ties to the president’s father.

In addition, medical opinion reveals this whole issue to be a complete, cynical, financial boondoggle. The Centers for Disease Control has announced the new smallpox vaccine is not to be recommended for HIV people, anyone on immunosuppressive drugs, or anyone with eczema. The CDC quoted a new study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology describing reactions that include blindness, scarring, and death. So the vaccine is therefore contraindicated in all these cases, according to the CDC.

Following is a quote from the internet website, http://www.thedoctorwithin.com/articles/smallpox.html:

Eczema patients alone comprise half the US population. AIDS patients and those on immunosuppressive drugs add another significant proportion to the group of those who shouldn’t be vaccinated.

In addition, the omniscient media seem to have forgotten that most Americans over 31 years of age have already been vaccinated for smallpox, since the vaccine was only halted in 1971 in the US. Remember? So if the vaccine is supposed to work, then obviously these people will not need a new shot, right?

Then who does that leave? Ten percent of the population would be a reasonable estimate.

It’s not much of a stretch to see how the threat of smallpox is a marketing tool, right out of classic Bernay’s Public Relations 101, that is being used to justify paying vaccine manufacturers $800 million for a vaccine that is unproven, untested, and contraindicated for 90% of the population.

Why then are our new masters shrieking about the 280 million doses we need to protect the American people from this imminent bioterrorist threat?

Could it just be the money?

In addition, it’s well known in history that smallpox vaccinations in 19th century England caused cases of smallpox to skyrocket, from around 2,000 before vaccinations started to around 80,000 afterwards, which is why most European countries stopped vaccinating then and still don’t to this day. Yet our completely untrustworthy Senate approved this measure by a vote of 90-9, approved certain jeopardy for the collective health of the American people simply for hefty campaign contributions from drug companies.

What’s important to notice is that smallpox vaccination in the U.S. persisted another 30 years after the disease was at an incidence of practically zero. Again, the only source of death from smallpox in the U.S. for 30 years was from the vaccine itself. (Mendelsohn, World Book 1994, p.232 [vol. 24, 25]) thedoctorwithin.com/articles/smallpox.html.

It’s difficult to discern which element of the Homeland Security legislation is actually the worst encroachment on the rapidly eroding independence of America’s citizenry. One which has sparked much complaint is the removal of civil service protections for Homeland Security employees, to improve security aspects of America’s “war on terror,” according to President Bush. This assault of the well-being of American workers nullifies 70 years of battling for justice in the workplace. Another insulting aspect of the bill is a boondoggle “institute” at a Texas university near the president’s ranch.

One glaring affront to hardworking Americans was a provision allowing companies that left the country to avoid federal taxes (think the Enron, Halliburton and Harken models) to be eligible for Homeland Security contracts. This is clearly a sop to the president’s close friends, who do business in this exact manner. If the United States had an actual attorney general, he would have long ago investigated these criminal cheaters. John Ashcroft only persecutes those who threaten the profits of the American elite, as the moldering, sabotaged probes into both the 9/11 horror and the anthrax murders clearly indicate.

We desperately need an attorney general who will enforce the laws of the land and protect people, not this insane Pentecostal functionary whose sole purpose seems to be to assist in the destruction of all Constitutional protections for average citizens.

Apart from these treasonous intrusions into the lives of ordinary people lurks America’s new penchant for starting wars in various areas of the world for purposes that are kept hidden from the general public.

The American mass murder in Afghanistan was ostensibly aimed at bringing to justice the alleged perpetrators of the 9/11 disasters in New York City and Washington. The aim of this mission failed and was forgotten.

Now Afghanistan has degenerated into sheer murderous anarchy, drug-smuggling chaos, and death from residual radioactivity, all now conveniently overlooked by the world’s major newspapers, or consigned to the back pages.

It is important to remember that this is what other countries in the world should look forward to experiencing after the U.S. decides its “war on terror” should cross their borders. What is happening in Afghanistan is what will happen in Iraq, followed by what will happen to other countries on the immediate U.S. hit list. What will be left of the world after that hit list is accomplished? Nothing but misery, rubble, and heaps of innocent corpses, sanctified as the new American export.

And as the current Iraq saga meanders toward a new criminal conclusion, what are we to think of a world of spineless bureaucrats (including our own CIA), who for months protested that President Bush was clearly lying about his reasons to invade that desperate country, but eventually knuckled under to American pressure (read: were bribed into accepting) and joined the sick parade of “democratic” nations ready to once again sacrifice the Iraqi people for the sins of the Zionist petronazis.

In a country known around the world for the power of its democratic institutions to temper dictatorial impulses of its previous leaders, Homeland Security stands as a colossal betrayal of the peoples of the world, because it means that all of the lectures given by America over the years that democracy was the best way to govern are now exposed as cynical lies, convenient ruses used by American corporate shills to bleed other countries dry of their natural resources.

Democracy in the United States clearly no longer works, evidenced by the fact that the opposition party — the Democrats, which crafted most of the Homeland Security bill — no longer opposes in any significant way the expansionist aims of its unelected, undemocratic dictator.

President George W. Bush is remarkable among American presidents for his distinctive lack of business and life achievements prior to assuming his office in Washington. All of his business enterprises were devious shell corporations sustained by his father’s super-rich friends. And now we have a government of just such a nature.

In addition, the second president Bush has “distinguished” himself for his record of allowing executions of mentally ill persons in Texas to prove his toughness about “law and order”. Now innocent American people — as well as people all over the world — are about to learn what the people of Afghanistan have so recently and tragically learned: that no life is sacred if it stands in the way of schemes by the power elite to suck billions of dollars from a tottering economy.

Now, no one is safe from America’s executioner par excellence. Just ask Paul Wellstone.

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