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“For [over] a decade an inhuman campaign of sanctions — the most complete ever in recorded history — has destroyed Iraq as a modern state, decimated its people, ruined its agriculture, educational and health care systems, as well as its entire infrastructure.

“All this has been done by the United States and United Kingdom, misusing United Nations resolutions against innocent civilians, leaving the tyrant Saddam Hussein more or less untouched.”

— Edward W. Said
philosopher, writer
professor of English and comparative literature
Columbia University

American Sanctions Against
the Iraqi People

bookcover has photographs of protests against sanctions, and a photo of two beautiful Iraqi children - a young girl standing behind her adorable little brother. Challenge to Genocide:
Let Iraq Live

Authors include: Ramsey Clark, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Rania Masri, Sara Flounders, Ahmed El-Sherif, Brian Becker, Barbara Nimri Aziz, Kathy Kelly, Monica Moorehead and Manzoor Ghori.
International Action Center, 1998; ISBN 0-9656916-4-0

From Leftbooks.com:

Contains essays and detailed reports on the devastating effect of the economic sanctions on Iraq since the beginning of the Gulf War.

It features “Fire and Ice”, a chapter by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Also included are personal memoirs from many who defied the sanctions and U.S. law by taking medicines to Baghdad as part of the May 1998 Iraq Sanction Challenge.

bookcover features a photograph of a little child so emaciated that he or she is literally skeletal, like the concentration camp inmates, with thin bony arms and shoulders and ribs sticking out; and yet the child's face is still beautiful and innocent with big, gentle eyes. The Children Are Dying:
The Impact of Sanctions on Iraq

World View Forum, originally published 1996, Second Edition1998; ISBN 0-9656916-3-2

From Leftbooks.com:

This groundbreaking report of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization revealed to the world the devastating effects of the U.S./UN sanctions against Iraq.

The books includes supporting documents and articles by Ramsey Clark, Ahmed Ben Bells, Tony Benn, Margarita Papandreou and other prominent international human rights figures.

A great tool for the emerging movement against sanctions. The Children are Dying includes facts and figures that prove the undeniable human tragedy imposed by sanctions, a new weapon of mass destruction. The UN FAO report shows that over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five have died as a result of U.S./UN-imposed sanctions. The accompanying photos and chapters define the social implications.

A gaunt-looking Iraqi mother is sitting on a bed looking down at her emaciated little child who is lying on the bed and gazing with big dark eyes at the viewer. Genocide by Sanctions:
The case of Iraq

Video, 28 minutes, VHS
producer Gloria La Riva
International Action Center, 1998

From Leftbooks.com:

This powerful video comes out of Ramsey Clark’s 1997 trip to Iraq to document the effects of the blockade on the people there, particularly the children.

It contains important historical perspective that explains why the United States is so determined to maintain the sanctions.

This excellent video took second prize in the George Sidney Independent Film Competition. The third annual film competition is part of the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival.

bookcover has a photograph of an Iraqi woman talking as she holds a tiny sleeping baby in a pink blanket; an older woman dressed in black is standing in the background, looking sadly toward the viewer. Iraq Under Siege:
The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War

Edited by Anthony Arnove
South End Press, 2000; ISBN 0-89608-619-4

From http://www.lbbs.org/sep/iraq.htm:

In this moving new collection, leading voices against the sanctions document the human, environmental, and social toll of the United States-led war against the Iraqi people.

Carefully documented, thoroughly researched, and written in clear language, “Iraq Under Siege” will be invaluable for anyone wanting to understand the roots of US policy in Iraq and the Middle East — and end the war on the Iraqi people.

“This remarkable book is an invaluable documentation of the tragedy, and deserves reading by every citizen interested in the appalling reality of US and UK foreign policy.”

— Edward W. Said

“This book gives us a key to understand the New World Order, and warns about how Iraq’s tragedy may be a model for global bullying and global impunity in coming times.”

— Eduardo Galeano

bookcover shows two Iraqi girls walking beneath the wreckage of some huge building The Fire This Time:
U.S. War Crimes in the Gulf War

by Ramsey Clark
former U.S. Attorney General
International Action Center 1991, 3rd edition 2002

The Fire This Time contains comprehensive research unmatched by any other book on the Iraq Genocide. The new edition includes updated information on the deadly impact of economic sanctions on Iraqi civilian people, sanctions which have been in place since August 1990.

This groundbreaking work by Ramsey Clark tells the truth about massive U.S. war crimes against the Iraqi people in the 1991 Gulf “War”. With a special new introduction: After September 11th, an assessment of the U.S./Iraq conflict.

The Fire This Time is an invaluable resource for those organizing opposition to a new U.S. war against the Iraqi people, an important book to be in the hands of anti-war activists, students, and readers worldwide.

The International Action Center (IAC) is mounting a full-scale international campaign to stop the unelected Bush Regime from waging a new genocide against the people of Iraq. The IAC has rushed to publish this new edition so that tens of thousands of anti-war activists in the U.S. can use it as part of an emergency campaign to educate and mobilize public opinion.

The new introduction analyzes how the unelected Bush Regime opportunistically used the tragic events of September 11 for a premeditated act of blatant aggression and state terrorism, a war dictated by obvious imperial ambitions in the oil-rich Middle East and Central Asia. It has nothing whatsoever to do with “fighting terrorism”. American state terrorism is the greatest terrorism in the world. Another Iraq Genocide would violate all international laws, in addition to the simple, basic laws of human morality.

The Fire This Time shows that our leaders committed war crimes in the Persian Gulf War no less surely than the Nazis committed war crimes in World War II.”

— Kurt Vonnegut

“[Ramsey Clark] risked his life by traveling for three weeks through Iraqi cities in an old American sedan at a time when the U.S. was staging 3,000 bombing sorties a day.”

Los Angeles Times

Clark presents Americans with the unthinkable: that their government killed upward of 100,000 civilians in a terrifying power exercise, sanctified by a captive media...”

KIRKUS Reviews

Related site

Fire and Ice:
The Devastation of Iraq by War and Sanctions

by Ramsey Clark

“There was no war. No combat. There was only a deliberate, systematic genocide of a defenseless population while barely setting foot on Iraqi soil. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1967, ‘The greatest purveyor of violence on earth is my own government’, he could not have dreamed in his worst nightmare what the U.S. did to Iraq.”

International Action Center — Iraq Sanctions Challenge

The courageous people at the International Action Center have completed their fourth trip to Iraq. Each time they bring donated medicines to Iraq that are blocked by the American/British sanctions, and then report back on the conditions suffered by the Iraqi people — conditions routinely covered-up by the mainstream corporate mass-media.

International Action Center — Iraq Sanctions: The Silent Weapon

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